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Anatomy & Physiology

As part of the 200 and 300-hour teacher training program, we have teachers who are specialized in anatomy and physiology. These classes will take place 5 days a week. Anatomy and Physiology are important to have the understanding as a Yoga Instructor since you are working in Asanas deeply with the muscles, bones and joints. Your Students and participants should never get hurt, for example, because of doing wrong postures, etc….

Humanity has stepped into the third millennium. Medical technology is offering better and better health care. Although nutritional deficiencies and infections continue to be the major problem in the underdeveloped and developing countries, the scenario in developed countries is totally different.

Fascinating advances in medicine have made our lives more comfortable, increasing life expectancy, however, living this life in harmony and peace seems to be farfetched. Problems of stress, anxiety, and various types of mental health concerns, are all on the rise. Frustrated patients are moving towards alternative Eastern practices, including Yoga.

What does good health mean or what makes us healthy? What are the measures of positive health at the physical, mental, social and spiritual levels? What are the tools for achieving states of positive health at all levels?

In our Anatomy class, you will get the knowledge and tools to understand the body, mind, stress and their related ailments and how to avoid it. With this knowledge, you may forget about the need for fancy medicine and technology because naturally your body and mind remain healthy.

Also, it is necessary for a yoga teacher to be equipped with the right knowledge regarding the different aspects of the human body. The more accurate the information, the more skilled the teacher.

A planned set of topics to discuss will be presented to the students, which include, the anatomy of the human body and physiology, biomechanics, and comprehensive knowledge on the various systems of digestive, respiratory, reproductive, nervous, skeletal, muscular, and endocrine.

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