Best Locations to take Yoga Teacher Training in India

Beautiful view of himalaya valli near to Shree hari yoga school Dharamsala

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Yoga is gaining immense popularity all across the globe as more and more people are incorporating it into their daily lives. Regular yoga training helps you grow your potential and transforms your life remarkably.

Here you can learn about the best Locations to take Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Today people are not only practicing yoga to be physically fit but also to attain a higher level of consciousness.

If you are someone who is already practicing yoga regularly then you may have considered getting yourself trained professionally.

The choicest way to learn yoga professionally is by joining a yoga teacher training school. 

India is a wonderful place to get yourself trained with renowned schools offering training courses at the best rates and beautiful ambiances.

What could be better than getting trained in the country in which yoga originated?

Mastering yoga teacher training in India lets you plunge into Indian culture and enhances your knowledge about the holistic pathway.

On the completion of the training, you will have a flexible body, a captivating perception of ancient Indian science, and the qualification to teach Yoga anywhere in the world! 

Which are the Best Places to take Yoga Teacher Training in India?

Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

Rishikesh, Located at the foot of the Himalayan mountains, near the banks of the Ganges River, offers all sorts of yoga teacher training courses that one can think of. Identified as the birthplace of yoga, it is one of the great places to meditate and intensify your training in yoga.  

If you’re thinking of taking a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, there are a number of yoga schools and ashrams in the green landscapes, hills, and waterfalls to choose from.

For the ones who desire to soak up the spirit of yoga in undisputed surroundings, Rishikesh is the right choice to continue your journey on the pathway of Yoga. 

Yoga Teacher Training In Goa

Goa with its long-spread beaches and laid-back ambiance is one of the most fascinating places for yoga enthusiasts to attend yoga teacher training.

Excellent Goan life, the palm trees throughout, and delicious meals allow people from all across the globe to spend a memorable time and learn about the Indian culture in a very pleasant way.

Yoga teacher training in Goa is a lifetime opportunity to both foster and learn about yoga philosophy and to connect with yogis from different parts of the world.

Life here is so relaxed and peaceful that people return season after season to India’s smallest state i.e Goa!

There are a lot of yoga schools in Goa to choose from and most of them are located in the north. 

Waterfall Dharamshala near Shree Hari Yoga school

Yoga Teacher Training In Dharamshala

Surrounded by the grand Himalayas, give you the opportunity to unwind, heal and realign yourself as you take glimpses of the highest chain of mountains in the world.

Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala lets you cut off from the fast-moving life and sinks you into the sheer art of yoga. 

Gasp fresh mountain air and assimilate the peaceful nature of this serene town, letting the environment foster a feeling of wellbeing.

In Dharamshala, you will be able to intensify your yoga practice and sharpen your teaching skills enclosed in a breathtaking environment. 

holy gokarna in india near shiva tempel

Yoga Teacher Training In Gokarna

For all those who are on the hunt for discovering themselves and obtaining religious understanding, Gokarna is the destination.

Situated at the coast of Kanwar, Karnataka, Gokarna grows on you as soon as you set foot in this small yet lovely town.

There is no wonder that yoga practitioners from all around the world have been choosing Gokarna for their divine journey.

The town boasts rich coconut and banana trees, relatively clean beaches, and bright blue seas, making it an attractive stop for tourists looking to merge their yoga training with beach leisure. 

Yoga Teacher Training in India with Shree Hari Yoga

Are you looking for the best yoga teacher training school in India?

Shree Hari Yoga is a prestigious yoga school based in India, celebrated for its excellent yoga teacher training standards.

Shree Hari Yoga is the first choice for aspiring yoga practitioners that want to deepen their practice, experience, and association with the art of Yoga.

Today they are proudly running yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats in four different locations in India including Rishikesh, Goa, Dharamshala, and Gokarna. 

Confused about which location to choose?

Honestly, all four are inspiring in their own way as long as you choose Shree Hari Yoga for your teacher training in India.

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