About Shree Hari Yoga School

Shree Hari Yoga, Our Story

The Roots of Our Yoga Teacher Training Program

About Shree Hari Yoga School

Namaste & Welcome!

Shree Hari Yoga School is a Yoga Teacher Training school offering Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Training in India as well as Continuing Education Programs (YACEP). Our TTC programs originated from the aspiration to share the authentic heart of yoga and to inspire graduates who do so too.

Our school was born in 2013 amongst the lush coconut palms bordering Kudle Beach in Gokarna, one of South India’s important pilgrimage sites.  Since then we have graduated hundreds of certified yoga teachers and expanded to offer training in several stunning locations across India.

About Shree Hari Yoga School
About Shree Hari Yoga School

Our aim is to provide training opportunities and retreats where you can come as you are to be supported, encouraged, challenged, and embraced. You will meet new friends, explore your practice, share your laughter, learn to teach others, and be welcomed as a member of our international yoga family.

What Makes Us Different

At Shree Hari Yoga School you will receive holistic teacher training which engages all aspects of yoga. We believe yoga is far more than asana and are committed to empowering you to bring yoga’s wholeness into your practice, teaching, and life.

About Shree Hari Yoga School
About Shree Hari Yoga School

Our Mission

To live and share our knowledge and experience of yoga through compassion, authenticity, kindness, and joy. To create a safe and inclusive environment where students can experience yoga as a holistic way of life. To help our students build flexibility, strength, peace, and self-acceptance in their bodies, minds, and hearts.

Our Vision

We believe that our thoughts and values drive our actions and that our actions are responsible for the quality of the material world that surrounds us. Considering this, we believe that the lifestyle of yoga is the best way to live and sharing this knowledge and experience with others is the best karmic activity we can undertake. We welcome anyone who wishes to follow this path as family and look forward to supporting your journey of transformation!

About Shree Hari Yoga School
About Shree Hari Yoga School

A Message from Our Founder

Our school was founded by Hari Pawali with the goal of providing affordable high-quality training in yoga and the healing arts with students of all paths and levels. He set forth to create an inclusive community of students and teachers where all feel welcomed where he could share the knowledge and experience that he has accumulated along his own path of yoga.

Shree Hari Ji was born into a family of devotees and was raised from childhood to be a yogi and follower of Lord Shiva. His mother Tara Devi, a Bhakti Guru, became his first guide in the spiritual life. His early additional exposure to yoga was primarily within the Nath Tradition and after leaving home he lived for some years as an ascetic sadhu following his Nath Guru and fellow disciples on the path of spiritual discipline. He eventually re-entered worldly life with the seed of motivation to share yoga with the wider world. In support of that dream, he entered an ashram where he resided for several years delving deeper into the art of teaching yoga and community building.

In 2013 his vision of creating a yoga school and community was realized in the beautiful beachside town of Gokarna. Since then, his school has graduated hundreds of students and expanded to offer courses at multiple locations in both north and south India.

“If you are not breathing, you are not doing yoga”

Our Teaching Family

We have been blessed to assemble an incredible teaching team and support staff. Our teacher training courses are led by both world-class Indian instructors and experienced yoga teachers from all over the world selected for their expertise and passion. When possible, we also include our extended network of sadhus and babas who lead workshops, practice sessions, and ceremonies.

What Our Graduates Say

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