100 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Establish a strong foundation in hatha yoga teaching and practice.

Course Introduction

Yin yoga promotes slowness and self enquiry, and helps you to understand the power of being totally present in your body. It is the perfect antidote for our modern, stressful lives, and the gentle nature of the practice means that it is truly accessible to all.

In this 100hr yin yoga ttc opportunity you’ll be introduced to the philosophical concepts that underpin the yin yoga practice, as well as studying the traditional yin asanas and learning how to structure and guide a practice yourself.

Who Can Join?

We welcome anyone with a sincere desire to learn and grow through the practice of yoga.

This training is an opportunity for you to enjoy life while learning about the timeless tradition of yoga, cultivating greater health and happiness, and making new friends.

If you plan to teach yoga professionally, seek to deepen your personal practice, or even just want to learn more about yoga’s philosophy and history, this course will exceed your expectations.

— What You Take Home

What You will Gain from this Training

100 Hours Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (YACEP)

Upon graduation from this course, you will be eligible to add 100 hours of YACEP to your Yoga Alliance registration.

 100 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Overview

Our 100 hour yoga teacher training curriculum combines modern teaching techniques with ancient wisdom. You will receive a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of yoga and the yogic lifestyle. Beginning with history and philosophy, you will build the foundation of understanding the concept, nature, and intention of yoga. By exploring the ancient texts and lessons of the early eras of yoga, you will gain knowledge that will make you an educated and proficient yoga instructor.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is a traditional and a static form of yoga. Most of you, who make an idea about yoga from the postures, may reach the conclusion, that what you see around you, is Hatha Yoga. To describe it more precisely, it takes care of the foundational training in this holistic realm. Here physical techniques assume a lot of importance, to pave the way for mental and spiritual upliftment. This yoga form is responsible to maintain balance between the sun and moon’s energies. All the different yoga forms that you may have heard of, or will, in the course of the session, are Hatha Yoga. However, the reverse may not be true.

If you delve into the history of Hatha Yoga, you will find that it is one of the branches of Tantra Yoga. If you want to establish spiritual connections with your earthy body, then you have to practice this yoga form.

What will you learn in Hatha Yoga?

About Hatha Yoga

You will be learning about various poses, breathing techniques, and meditative techniques. These are the most important subjects that will be covered in this form. However, you also need to study about the history, lineage, and philosophical texts to understand it in a better manner. Practicing Hatha Yoga is one of the most transformative experiences that you will have at the school.

Pranayama In Hatha Yoga

As mentioned above, Pranayama is an important part of the course curriculum in Hatha Yoga. Breath is essential for existence, as it is the giver of life. The moment you stop breathing, you are considered dead. Some of the most important pranayama techniques that you will learn are Kapalbhati, Shitkari, Shitali, Bhastrika, and Bhramari. You can control every juncture of your life, with such techniques.

Asanas In Hatha Yoga

The texts of Hatha Yoga Pradipika form the very basis of Hatha Yoga practices. The students will learn about the asanas, in accordance with the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.The asanas can help you to transform physically as well as mentally. We also provide healing through the asanas, guided by our expert teachers.


Mantras are considered as an important part of Hatha Yoga. When you recite mantras, the energy channels of the body open up, and you become more reception to the universe. It also aids one to focus the mind on the yoga practice. When you recite mantras, your stored emotions are released and you get the full benefits of the asanas.

Art of Teaching

The art of teaching or pedagogy is an important part of the 100 hour yoga teacher training course. Learning yoga for self-practice and to teach the students, are two separate genres. You will learn how to work with limitations as a part of the course. Additionally, you will also learn about sequencing, modifications, and variations.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology are also important parts of the course. You have to learn the location and significance of various organs. The same applies to respiratory systems, digestive systems, urinary systems, and circulatory systems in general. You also have to work around injuries, when you are working with students. That is why the knowledge of the entire human body assumes a lot of importance in this realm.


You will be studying yoga philosophy as a part of the course. As a part of the classes, students study the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.You will be delving into the Ha and Tha philosophy. ‘Ha’ means sun and ‘Tha’ means the moon. It signifies the union of opposite forces to bring about all kinds of clarity and balance.

It will help you to understand the modalities, on which Hatha Yoga is based. The knowledge of the background of any discipline is absolutely necessary, in order for you to develop conviction on the same. As a teacher, you have to explain the same to students, to make them a part of the discipline in totality.

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a modality that treats various health issues and disorders with the help of vibrations. You will learn the significance of various sounds like that of a singing bowl and also of music. Any sort of melodious sound has a positive impression on the mind and the brain cells. Such healing therapies have the power to alleviate all kinds of emotional blockages as well. Moreover, you will also get assistance in getting all the energies balanced.

Shatkarma (Cleansing)

You must cleanse yourself thoroughly, before attempting to connect with the higher consciousness. The cleansing techniques under 100 hour yoga teacher training course, are Neti, Nauli, Basti, Dhauti, Kapalbhati, and Trataka. Each one of this aim to cleanse a specific body part. Once you get rid of all the toxins from your physical body, can you concentrate on the higher objectives.


Mudras are nothing but gestures, which you make with your hands and fingers mostly. There are nerves that pass through the fingertips, and each one is connected to a specific organ. When you press the same, you are actually providing therapeutic healing to those body parts.


The bandhas are locks, which you can perform, by contracting and releasing various muscles inside the body. There are three main types of bandhas and a combination of all three. You can restrict the flow of blood to certain organs and then, release the locks, to give a fresh infusion to the organs. At Shree Hari Yoga School, you will learn about all the above in complete detail.

Yoga Alliance Standard We Maintain For Hatha Yoga

Our courses are registered and accredited by Yoga Alliance USA. Thus, you are eligible to get an internationally recognized Yoga Alliance certificate after the completion of the course. Yoga Alliance is a non-profit body located in the USA which standardizes all the yoga courses. So, when you enroll for a course at an accredited school, you know that your future is in good hands. The certification also allows you to get a global identity. Moreover, the authentic learnings are an added benefit of the 100 yoga TTC.

This course is for students who want to delve deep into Classical Hatha Yoga. Most students complete the 200 hour YTTC in two parts of 100 hours each. You will be eligible to teach globally, after you complete both.

Yoga Sequencing Classes (Practicum) For Hatha Yoga

You can now engage in an informative and wholesome course at Mandrem, Nepal. As a part of the course, you will be learning about sequencing of the asanas. It also happens to be an important part of the Hatha Yoga sessions. As a teacher, you should know, what the beginner poses are and also the intermediate ones. Most yoga schools in India, teach students based on such order. It keeps the practice a smooth journey, for students who have just started training in yoga. If the flow is broken with an absurd posture, you will be experiencing issues with your health, rather than the benefits. So, sequencing is na important part of the program.

Schedule Of Hatha Yoga At Shree Hari Yoga School

The classes take place from Monday to Saturday, from 6.30 am onwards. Saturdays are half days and Sundays are off. Students are encouraged to wake up by 5.30 am and complete all morning rituals. The classes extend till 6.30 pm in the evening. You will attend theory as well as practical sessions throughout the day, with a breakfast and lunch break in between. You will also be taken on an excursion on one of these days and can practice yoga and meditation amidst nature.

The school will offer Sattvic food thrice a day, to all the students. You must retire by 8pm so that you can rise early for your practice next day. The school ensures that all the students maintain a pure and holistic lifestyle throughout the course. Get ready for an immersive experience today.

— Training Lifestyle —

Daily Schedule, Accommodations, & Food

In this immersive 12-day yoga training experience, you will be living in a peaceful community environment while developing friendships with your fellow trainees. You will engage in a regular daily routine that includes meditation, asana practice sessions, theory classes, practice teaching, self-study, and plenty of free time to enjoy the natural surroundings. Your fee includes accommodation and meals. You will sleep in a clean, comfortable, and safe room and enjoy three fresh healthy vegetarian meals each day prepared by our kitchen staff.

(See in the link below our Curriculum and Schedule for this course)

Training Locations

Our courses are offered in four carefully selected locations in India. We schedule each of our start dates in alignment with the best weather in each place. From April to September we operate our training in Dharamshala and Rishikesh; from October to March we are located in Gokarna and Goa.


A spiritual village in the foothills of the Himalaya


A vibrant tourist destination with energy, nightlife, and beautiful beaches


A relaxed beach side town with sacred temples & idyllic beaches


A holy city on the Ganges recognized as the birthplace of yoga

100 Hour Hatha Course Dates & Fees

You can join the 100 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course, at any time of the year. We post the same on the website at regular intervals, twice a month. If you are interested in advancing your yoga career, then you should enquire now about the advanced Hatha Yoga courses as well. We are just a call and e-mail away.

DatesCourseLocationsShared RoomPrivate RoomBook Early Discount*
100January 2023, February 2023, March 2023, April 2023, May 2022, June 2022, July 2022, August 2022, September 2022, October 2022, November 2022, December 20222nd to 13th of Every Month100 Hour Yoga Teacher TrainingGokarna, Dharamsala, Rishikesh, Goa€800€925SAVE €50*Contact
100January 2023, February 2023, March 2023, April 2023, May 2022, June 2022, July 2022, August 2022, September 2022, October 2022, November 2022, December 202216th to 27th of Every Month100 Hour Yoga Teacher TrainingGokarna, Dharamsala, Rishikesh, Goa€800€925SAVE €50*Contact

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