Terms and Conditions

Shree Hari Yoga School YTTC 

Dear Yogi/Yogini,

Welcome and congratulations on making the decision to integrate Yoga in your life! Maybe you decided already to enter our course to begin or go deeper into your spiritual journey. To truly be a yoga teacher is a big responsibility. It takes a lot of discipline. The spiritual journey is always filled with unexpected healing, learning, and transformative processes. The most helpful way to allow this process to unfold is to remain witness to it with an open heart and an empty mind. We ask you to empty the cup. While it is useful, even necessary, to anticipate the unexpected, the school’s wish is that you come with yogic intentions and positive attitudes.

India is a land of colorful, rich culture and wisdom. It is filled with very high-level spiritual energy. That’s what makes India unique and dynamic. Unexpected events can happen daily. There are always exciting opportunities for learning. Things are not always easy. During the yoga training there are individual processes each student will be going through. Often the energy required to go through these processes will result in feeling tired. This tiredness is a result of the healing and transformative experience. Because your training will be in India you will learn to move with the rhythms and ways of India and this will be part of the experience in our courses. It is important to keep in mind that you will be living, learning and changing in the course of your stay with us. Sometimes electrical outages occur in India. Sometimes the water doesn’t flow from the tap for a few minutes. This is part of the living experience here. There is no control over these types of situations. If you arrange for our school to provide you with foods, we will offer to you light meals. In case it doesn’t satisfy your needs, then you are responsible to arrange your own food/dietary needs. The Yoga traing will be taking place in the culture of India which may be vastly different than your home. We share this to prepare you and create excitement and inspiration of an empty mind and open heart. This aligns with the real essence of the yogic consciousness to learn, heal, and transform all while remaining witness to this spiritual process.


Code of Conduct

Students at our school are expected to adhere to the following qualities, behavior, and attentiveness:

  • Please give respect to teachers, environment, & your fellow students in classes & teachings.
  • Please maintain the dignity of School, and present on time.
  • In between the yoga classes you are not supposed to leave.
  • We will create opportunities to live you the Yogic principles, please study and practice.
  • Please participate to your fullest ability for the duration of yoga teacher training.
  • Please note your personal belongings are your own responsibility
  • We expect from you to keep school/community space orderly and clean
  • It’s your responsibility to keep your own living places clean and organized.
  • If you have questions, please do not be shy to ask before the questions or concerns get too big.
  • Treat the program such as it is, as a Sadhana (a spiritual undertaking/practice), and remember it is a commitment and fulfillment, not a holiday.
  • Keep in mind your diet. Try to be reasonable with your intake of caffeine/coffee, sweets, & sugars.
  • Be understanding of the circumstances around the diet the school provides. It is a sattvic diet. Meals may take a while to prepare.
  • Respect others and keep in mind you are in a community.

Important information about your payment to our school:

You will need to make payments in one of the following options we accept:

Please keep informed: We prefer students to complete their payments BEFORE the program begins. This is to allow teachers, staff, and student to focus on what is most important: the teachings and training. We must receive payment in order to provide a Yoga Alliance certificate.

If you are not able to pay in full before the program begins, please pay IN CASH ONLY in person sometime before the end of the first week of the program. ATMs and Banks are available to obtain cash nearby our school.

Refund Policy

1. Deposits are non-refundable at any case.
2. It can be transferred to another YTTC for up to 6 months from the booking date.
3. It can also be transferred to a friend or family member but the transfer of funds for that so is at the discretion of Shree Hari yoga school.

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