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Shree Hari Yoga School YTTC

Dear Yogi/Yogini,
Congratulations on choosing to embrace Yoga in your life! Whether you’re starting or deepening your spiritual journey with our course, becoming a yoga teacher is a significant responsibility that demands discipline. The spiritual journey unfolds with unexpected healing, learning, and transformation. To fully embrace this process, approach it with an open heart and an empty mind.

India, with its vibrant culture and profound wisdom, offers a unique and dynamic spiritual energy. Embrace the daily surprises and exciting learning opportunities, even though challenges may arise. Your individual journey during yoga training may lead to moments of tiredness, a natural outcome of healing and transformation.

As your training takes place in India, adapt to the rhythms and ways of the country, which is an integral part of the experience. Be aware of occasional electrical outages and water interruptions—uncontrollable aspects of daily life here. If opting for our provided meals, expect light offerings; otherwise, arrange for your dietary needs.

Living, learning, and changing during your stay with us is part of the journey. Embrace the cultural differences and unexpected events, aligning with the true essence of yogic consciousness learning, healing, and transforming while remaining a witness to the spiritual process.

Important Payment Information in Our School:

You will need to make payments in one of the following options we accept:
• Wise money payment (Visit the Wise website to make payment)
• Bank to Bank

Please keep informed:

Outstanding Balance: We eagerly await your presence once the outstanding balance is settled. Kindly ensure the transfer of the remaining amount is completed two days before the course begins. Your prompt attention to this matter is highly appreciated.

Deposit and Course Fee Refund Policy:

1. Deposit & Course Fee:
• A deposit is required to secure your spot in the course & Retreats. The deposit is non-refundable.
• The course fee & Retreat is the total amount payable for your enrolment and is also non-refundable.

2. Cancellation of the Course:
• In the event that we are forced to cancel a course for any reason, including but not limited to unforeseen circumstances, low enrolment, or any other circumstances beyond our control, we will not refund the course fee in cash or through any traditional monetary means.
• Instead, we will issue a voucher to each enrolled participant, equal to the total course fee paid by the participant. This voucher can be used for any other course, retreat, or service offered by Shree Hari Yoga School within 12 months from the date the course or retreat starts.

3. Transferability of Voucher:
• The voucher issued in lieu of a refund is fully transferable to your friends or family members within 12 months from the course or retreat start.

4. Course Changes and Availability:
• Shree Hari Yoga reserves the right to make changes to the course schedule, content, and availability.

5. Registration:
• Shree Hari Yoga maintains the authority to decline admission to Yoga Teacher Training, workshops, or classes. In specific instances, as determined solely by Shree Hari Yoga, individuals displaying disruptive behavior may be denied admission for certification and are required to promptly vacate the Ashram premises.
• It is imperative that all trainees participating in our Teacher Training program possess a stable internet connection and a fully functional device, whether it be a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. This prerequisite is essential to ensure a seamless and productive educational experience within the framework of Shree Hari Yoga’s programs.
• Additionally, as part of the registration process, we kindly request that each participant provides us with a reliable contact number. This information is crucial in case we need to communicate important updates or information to the participant’s family. We prioritize transparency and effective communication, and having a designated contact number ensures that we can reach out promptly if the need arises.
• Please be advised that the consumption of any drugs, alcohol, or similar substances is strictly prohibited during the course and on your free days outside the school. Non-compliance with this policy may result in immediate expulsion from the program. Participants are reminded that they are fully responsible for their actions and will bear the consequences of any violations of these rules.

6. Data Usage Policy:
• Information collected is exclusively used for delivering our services and is shared only for administrative and teaching purposes.
• At Shree Hari Yoga, we prioritize the utmost privacy and security of our students. The information collected from you is exclusively utilized for the purpose of delivering our services and is strictly required for the provision of those services. Any information submitted to Shree Hari Yoga may be shared with administrative staff and instructors solely for administrative and teaching purposes.
• It is important to note that Shree Hari Yoga actively engages in social media networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., as part of our promotional initiatives. This may involve the sharing of photos or other relevant information. Additionally, Shree Hari Yoga may reach out to graduates in the future to communicate information about upcoming events and
opportunities. Such communication will necessitate the use of contact details provided by trainees.
• If any trainees feel uncomfortable with the aforementioned practices, we encourage them to express their concerns to our staff via email. For a more comprehensive understanding of our data usage policies, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

7. Policy Amendment:
• Shree Hari Yoga retains the right to review and modify these Terms of Service at any time.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

1. Registration Guarantee & Late Enrolment:
• Late registration is contingent upon seat availability.

2. Refunds & Cancellations:
• No fees are refundable under any circumstances.

3. Shifting to a Future Date:
• Students may shift their course to a future date within a 12-month period, subject to seat availability.

Rules & Regulations:

As a participant in Shree Hari Yoga’s teacher training course, I commit to the following:

1. Embrace challenges with joy, taking pride in my growth both physically and mentally.
2. Take full responsibility for my well-being, avoiding injuries, and not holding Shree Hari Yoga or its staff accountable.
3. Attend all classes, following the Yoga Alliance guidelines for successful graduation.
4. Refrain from downloading or sharing class videos on public platforms.
5. Adhere to the agreed-upon fees and payment structure, paying on time to avoid removal from the course.
6. Maintain a positive, team-oriented attitude; disruptive behavior may result in removal from the course without a refund.
7. Appreciate provided inclusions; any dissatisfaction requires personal arrangements at my own cost.
8. Have the freedom to leave the course early without fee refunds.
9. Acknowledge that my agreement with Shree Hari Yoga is individual, and my progress is based on personal commitment.
10. Fulfil all requirements for certificate attainment, including timely submission of assignments and exams.
11. Respect the privacy of the Management Team and discuss issues at appropriate times.
12. Permit the school to take photos for assessment, evaluation, and promotional purposes on their platforms.


• I confirm my understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions, acknowledging that fees are non-refundable.


• Prices may vary over time, but the initially booked price will be honoured.

Shree Hari Yoga Team

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