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Ayurveda Doctor

We’re seeking a certified Ayurveda Doctor to contribute to the well-being of our community. If you have a deep understanding of Ayurvedic principles and herbal medicine, apply now!

TCM Doctor

Join our wellness team as a certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor. Apply now to
promote health and well-being within our community.

Videographer & Photographer

We’re seeking a talented photographer/videographer to visually represent the essence of our yoga and wellness community. Apply today to be part of our creative team!

Nutrition Cook

Join our team as a Nutrition Cook and contribute to the well-being of our yoga community. Apply today if you love creating delicious and nutritious meals.

Sales Marketer

We’re looking for a dynamic Sales Marketer with a passion for wellness. Apply now to help us connect with a broader audience and make a positive impact.

Digital Marketer

We’re on the lookout for a digital marketing expert to help us connect with a broader audience. Apply now to make a positive impact!


We’re hiring a licensed physiotherapist to help our students practice yoga safely and prevent injuries. Apply today if you have experience working with active individuals.

Doctors (General or Sports Medicine)

We’re seeking compassionate doctors, whether general practitioners or sports medicine specialists, to provide medical guidance to our yoga community. Apply now!

Ayurveda Massage Therapist

If you’re a certified Ayurveda Massage Therapist passionate about promoting relaxation and balance, apply now for this rewarding opportunity.

Kirtan and Satsang Facilitator

We are seeking a passionate and skilled Kirtan and Satsang Facilitator to lead our community in devotional chanting and spiritual discussions. Apply now to share the transformative power of sacred sound and wisdom.

Yin Yoga Instructor

We’re looking for a certified Yin Yoga Instructor to guide our students in slow, meditative yoga practices. Apply now to bring balance and tranquility to our community.

Aerial Yoga Instructor

Join us as an Aerial Yoga Instructor to lead classes combining traditional yoga with the freedom of aerial movements. Apply now to soar to new heights with our community.

Multi-Style Yoga Teacher

Experience the diversity of yoga! We’re seeking a versatile Multi-Style Yoga Teacher to enrich our community with a blend of yoga styles. If you have expertise in various yoga traditions, apply now to inspire our practitioners with your unique approach.

Yoga Philosophy Teacher

We’re seeking a knowledgeable Yoga Philosophy Teacher to deepen our students’ understanding of yogic principles, ethics, and philosophy. Apply now to be part of our philosophical exploration.

Wellness Retreat Chef

If you have a passion for creating wholesome and delicious meals that align with wellness principles, join us as a Wellness Retreat Chef.

Holistic Health Educator

We are seeking a Holistic Health Educator to provide workshops and educational content on topics related to nutrition, holistic health, and overall well-being.

Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

Join us in our commitment to sustainability. We’re looking for an Environmental Sustainability Coordinator to implement and promote environmentally friendly practices within our yoga school.

Community Outreach and Partnership Manager

If you have a talent for building partnerships and connecting with the local community, join us as a Community Outreach and Partnership Manager.

Holistic Wellness Blogger/Content Creator

If you love writing and creating content, join us as a Holistic Wellness Blogger. Contribute articles, blog posts, and social media content to inspire our community on their wellness journey.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Become a part of our family by volunteering in one of our schools. We prefer volunteers for at least 3-6 months or longer. Opportunities below 3 months are negotiable and only with exceptions. Please note that volunteering is not free; you work for your food and accommodation for 6 hours a day. In some cases, if you bring your own ideas and effort, you may receive a salary as well.

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Note: All positions and volunteer opportunities are subject to availability, and terms and conditions apply.

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Our courses are offered in four carefully selected locations in India. We schedule each of our start dates in alignment with the best weather in each place. From April to September we operate our training in Dharamshala and Rishikesh; from October to March we are located in Gokarna and Goa.


A spiritual village in the foothills of the Himalaya


A vibrant tourist destination with energy, nightlife, and beautiful beaches


A relaxed beach side town with sacred temples & idyllic beaches


A holy city on the Ganges recognized as the birthplace of yoga

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