How Yoga Teacher Training helps in Sleep Meditation through Yoga Nidra?

Get more relief through sleep, meditation and learn more about Yoga Nidra in Yoga Teacher Training

Sleep Meditation is a way that helps you to let go of worry from thoughts and relax before going to bed. It continues practice including moving your mind’s focus away to sensations in the body. It would help if you had a regular practice of guided sleep meditation, which has been shown in improving sleep. It is another form of Yoga Nidra where you fall asleep while exercising. It reduces the issues of falling and staying asleep.

In other terms, it is a practice before laying down on the bed and makes your body and mind more relaxed. To practice, play sleep meditation music and listen to it. The recording will direct you to another world and make you more comfortable. You will redirect to Yoga Nidra. This requires deep practice and concentration which can be bought through Yoga teacher training.

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What is Yoga Nidra Sleeping Meditation?

Well, experts always believe in practicing both yoga and meditation in 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra, which equals two hours of deep sleep. However, then also studies are required to have proper knowledge of it. It is a relation to brain wave changes that you undergo during the practice. If you are a new one to meditation, then Yoga Nidra is right for you. It deeply relaxes your mind and remains inwardly alert. It means reaching the border between waking and sleeping states.
To begin with it, you need to lie down on the floor. Then move according to the guided meditation and follow the audio. It starts with sensing of body and then breathing in specific ways to give a relaxation response inner yourself. It is a secret response to the Yoga Nidra as it will balance the sympathetic nervous system. It brings beneficial brain wave states.

Benefits of Sleeping Meditation: Better sleep leads to lowering stress and improving the immune system. However, if you want to achieve a night of restful sleep, it could be difficult for you to battle against stress and anxiety. It is hard to quiet your mind, and many issues arise with thinking processes at night. Moreover, here your guided sleep can help you the most.

Reduces Stress: The goal of sleep meditation is to reduce the impact of worrying thoughts and tension from your mind and body while sleeping. By learning of shifting focus and relaxing your body, you will get to see improvements in the ability to stay asleep and fall.

Live to present moment: Meditation helps to move out of your head to the present moment. When it is time to lay in bed and head on your pillow, it will happen that suppressing thoughts during the day all of a sudden start to swirl in the brain. Try hard to control yourself without getting distracted. It could be hard to control the runaway thoughts that would cause anxiety and depression but with yoga teacher training it can be accomplished.

Makes your Nervous System works: Sleeping Meditation lets you get off thoughts from your mind. It gives rest to your brain. On the other hand, it may activate your nervous system. Hence it lowers your heart rate and slows down your breathing rate. All these changes prepare you for restful sleep. Also, you may find yourself drifting off to sleep in the middle of the practice of meditation.

Relaxes Body: Yoga Nidra sleep meditation Guided is not something to force you in sleeping. Sleep is the side benefit of the practice, which aims at relaxing your body and thus slowing your mind. It would help if you noticed some daytime benefits of performing sleep practice. It is all about how you perform during the day depending upon the sleep you take. The goal of meditation is not to think much about what you are doing. However, you have to guide yourself according to your voice.

Sleep Meditation For Healing: People who struggle with chronic pain or other medical conditions can use meditation for relaxation to feel better in body and mind. Others experience dramatic results from meditation healing, while others simply enjoy the reduction in pressure arising from relaxed sitting and relaxing the mind. There is various sleep meditation for healing audios available, listen to them and you will start feeling relaxed.

Steps to undertake Sleeping Meditation: If you want to undergo Sleeping Meditation, then go according to the audio for listening and performing. This other form of Yoga Nidra for sleep will be redirecting your mind away from some anxious thoughts. This includes letting the thoughts and thus noticing the sensations, including heaviness, tingling, tightness, tension, or temperature.

While moving and sensing each part of the body, you will relax, and you will breathe in deep. In addition to the scanning of the body, it involves the following:

Breathing Exercise: The audio might ask you to count down your breathing ins and outs. It will allow you to meditate and slow down your body. Thus with that, your body gets a signal that it is the right time to sleep.

Gratitude: Yoga Nidra is to focus on gratitude that would let you practice a focus to be grateful and show kindness to yourself.

Visualization: Through the process of viewing, you would get a peaceful scene that would let you enter a trance-like state similar to what has been induced in the process of hypnosis.

Yoga Nidra sleeping meditation works as guiding you through the main four stages of brain wave activities. Moreover, in the end, the primary aim is to have a hypnagogic state. It is a state of wakefulness and sleep. It is a magical time just before you sleep when your body is at rest. Your conscious mind brings you to dreams, and thus, trippy reality sets in. Therefore you have to transcend through all four states.

Researchers say that there is a lengthy study required for Yoga Nidra sleeping Meditation to follow correctly. It shows improvement in symptoms after six months of the Yoga Nidra for those 150 females with PMS symptoms. It is best for hormone regulations. One hundred women had menstruation problems due to stress, and Yoga Nidra has helped them get relieved from it. It has diminished anxiety and stress levels in more than 80 college life students.

In Yoga teacher training you will learn how thirty minutes of Yoga Nidra meditation in one day for regular 90 days stabilize the blood glucose levels of a diabetic person.


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