Why do I think a 200 hour multi-style yoga teacher training is the best?

I recommend multi-style yoga teacher training. Why? Because let’s face it: 200 hours is not enough time to master even one style. Many people sign up for teacher training to deepen their practice. And that’s great. A few sign up with the intention to teach right away. 200-hour training is not enough time. You can’t develop all of the skills you’ll need to start teaching at a high level. Can you teach after completing a 200-hour course? Absolutely. And we encourage you to. However, a 200 hour course should be the beginning of your path. When done you will need to continue learning yoga. It’s not the end. Completing a 200 hour yoga course is about planting seeds. You have to do more to get them to grow.

What is multi-style teacher training?

We mentioned a 200 Hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training is not enough time to master yoga. However, it’s enough time to experience a variety of yoga styles. This is useful to those who are newer to yoga. Our school provides traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa styles. This combines fitness, strength, flexibility, relaxation, awareness, and spirituality. We want you to witness physical exercise merging with the spiritual, subtle, and divine forces of creation. The asana and meditation classes support deep relaxation. The main aim of a 200 hour multi-style yoga teacher training is to experience variety. This gives you a taste so you can take gems from each and combine them into your unique style.

Shree Har Yoga leads students through many popular styles: ashtanga vinyasa, vinyasa, yin, Hatha, and Iyengar’s restorative yoga. We always work with professional and passionate teachers. All classes feature a therapeutic touch, props, breath awareness, and attentiveness.

A 200 hour multi-style yoga teacher training course consists of more than just the physical poses. We also teach relaxation techniques, meditation, and mantra chanting. Whenever possible we also introduce unique offerings. These might include Yoga Nidra or Pranic Energizing. We strive to offer techniques from ancient and modern yogic and Tantric traditions. Philosophy, anatomy, and pranayama are taught by real Babas. Students attending this course get certified in 200 hours worldwide and accepted certification from the Yoga Alliance.

No 200 hour course is complete without Art of teaching aka teaching methodology. This is where we break down how to teach, queue, and assist in physical yoga poses. We point out how different styles may teach the same pose differently. For example, Hatha yoga may teach plow pose with flexed feet whereas in Ashtanga feet are pointed.

We want our students to receive a well-rounded education. We want to plant many small seeds. Our students then decide which ones resonate. You never know which sutra from your philosophy class, which pranayama technique, or which yoga style will resonate with your body and mind. Everyone is an individual. And yoga works the same way. There is no “THIS  IS THE ONLY CORRECT, TRUE, ONE YOGA STYLE”.

Who can be a part of our 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training course?

All interested people can join a 200-hour course with us. Could be you’ve practiced a few styles of yoga before. Or maybe you’ve only practiced one style, for a short time. Maybe you’ve practiced for a long time and know a style or two fairly well. We take all students as long as you’re willing to empty the cup and learn.

The program is designed so beginners with little to no experience can join and enjoy it. Participants who don’t wish to become yoga teachers can join. Maybe you need a life-changing transformation? You want to explore proper diet, right movement, yogic spirituality, and deep mindfulness. Join us and learn what the disciplined lifestyle of a yogi can be. This 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training in India is meant for sincere students who wish to learn the true meaning of yoga. Out of your diligent practice and overflowing joy, your teaching will spring out naturally from the heart. Our well-trained certified teachers are here to support and facilitate this kind of transformation for you.

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