The Spiritual Aspects Of Yoga Postures

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Some of the yoga practitioners practice yoga postures for fitness. However, there will be many spiritually inclined practitioners as well out there. If you are looking for answers, to why you do what you have been taught to do, then you are right there. Yoga asanas are not just mere poses, which are meant to flaunt in front of others. Apart from having their advantages, yoga poses also have underlying spiritual meanings. If you enroll in yoga teacher training in one of the best yoga centers in India, you can get the idea.

Yoga for the unversed, is supposed to be rooted in Vedic traditions. Some of the postures or asanas are also deeply symbolic in nature. Once you understand the underlying meanings, you will develop a deeper connection with that posture. Additionally, you will get the benefits in a more profound manner as well.

Symbolism Of Yoga Poses  

According to the best yoga school in India, the underlying meaning of the word, ‘yoga’ is ‘to unite’. Here the unity points towards the body, mind, and soul. You are actually aligning yourself to the higher universe, through yoga practices. By practicing yoga, a yogi is able to develop a greater awareness of the internal forces that are omnipresent. However, most people spend an entire lifetime, without understanding that they are there. Some people may have a wrong notion that yoga postures are done to please the gods. However, that is a wrong idea.

Let us find out the spiritual references of a few yoga postures.

  • Vrikshasana – It is one of the preliminary standing postures that one starts with, in yoga. It is also one of those postures, which train your balancing capabilities. Its name can be traced back to one occurrence in Vedic history. In the same story, you can find the mention of a deity sitting under a tree. The incumbent was supposedly waiting for bad times to pass. In the realm, the Tree pose points towards the ability to move through tough times, with strength and determination. You also get to work on your focus. In the process, you also tend to become more grounded. In such balancing postures, you need hip and hamstring strength. Additionally, a flexible body makes the job all the more easy. Your feet happen to get proper attention, as it is considered as the basis of your own stability and safety.
  • Hanumanasana – This is yet another asana, which is not for the faint-hearted. It is a front-split pose, which requires a lot of determination to perform, in the initial days. It basically points toward one’s monkey mind. You must know about the story of Lord Hanuman. He played a commendable role in Ramayana. He is one of the most devoted souls in the mythological sphere. This pose has huge spiritual significance. It points towards grounding nature, yet strength and flexibility are at the core of the practice.
  • Tadasana – This is another yoga asana, which has a deep spiritual connotation. It is also one of the foundational poses that beginners are required to perform, before moving ahead. It provides stability to the body of the practitioner. If you want to feel as strong and insatiable as the mountain, you have got to try out this pose. It also provides one with a sense of balance and security. Your third eye also springs into action, when you perform this yoga posture. And, if you are lucky enough to have done this atop a mountain, the benefits could have increased manifold.
  • Garudasana – Also popular as the Eagle pose, it is another prolific asana, that can assist the practitioner in developing focus and concentration. Garuda is in fact, one of God’s consorts. Eagles are strong birds, and so if you happen to take on its form, you are bound to gain in strength and clarity. It also teaches one the power of perseverance. If you are one, who is bogged down by the pressures of life, then you must definitely practice this asana or pose. Get in touch with an expert yoga instructor, like the one at Shree Hari Yoga School, and master this pose.
  • Bhujangasana – You might have already heard about it, as it is one of the beginner- level poses in the realm of yoga. The cobra is a reptile that strikes without any mistake. Moreover, it sheds its old skin from time to time, to renew its vigor and energy. It also lifts its entire hood and frontal body, without appendages. The spine is at the center of all activities for the cobra. Likewise, you can also develop a strong spine, which is the basis of many experiences, in daily life. You get to transform yourself, by shedding the old layers of thoughts and structure, and also renew your self-esteem and energy, in the face of obstacles.
  • Savasana – Also called the Corpse pose, you will mainly engage in this, at the end of most yoga sessions. It is thought to be devoid of any energy or utility. In fact, most yoga practitioners believe initially, that it denotes rest. However, you cannot be farther away from the truth. It is a healing posture. As you lay down after a strenuous session of yoga, you can imagine the obsolete memories and activities leaving your body and mind. You actually reawaken your inherent energies with each inhalation that you do. It is like the closure of a tiring day, which paves the way for a new sunny morning the next day. Only a learned expert can guide you, in the process, as there is a right moment in your yoga practice when you should enter this state.

Final Words

Yoga as defined in the Bhagavad Gita, is a state of complete union of the mind, body, and soul. It is a state, wherein you can find perfect balance among all these aspects. You can channel your energies, emanating from the spine in the right direction, if you follow the guidelines of yoga. It can also be described as a conversation, that you are required to strike with yourself. It is a journey of self-discovery.

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