What Is Aerial Yoga And What Are Its Benefits?

One of the latest yoga forms to hit the market, Aerial Yoga seems quite interesting. Aerial yoga is a combination of traditional yoga asanas and aerial acrobatics. You will find the practitioners using silk or some sturdy fabric, being used to suspend themselves mid-air. Moreover, you need a lot of practice to get into this form, successfully. The form helps in improving the strength and balance to a huge extent. Some yoga therapists use aerial yoga as therapeutic yoga.

The versatility and strength of the fabric used for suspension, has a key role to play in enabling the yogi’s proficiency. You will also feel less stress and tension on your wrists and knees. In floor-based yoga practices, certain injuries can also affect your mobility in the long run. If you suffer from knee problems, then your efficiency on the floor is highly limited. It is for such instances, that aerial yoga can prove to be a superior alternative. So, let us delve into how this aerial yoga can benefit you.

How Is Aerial Yoga Done?

Aerial yoga is a yoga practice, which is done with the hammock. You will find these hammocks being made of stretchy fabrics that are at least 6 meters long and 2 meters wide. There are swings, which you will find in many aerial yoga classes. These are made of parachute fabrics. So, you will find the stretchable quality amiss in these fabrics. Again, you will also encounter the frame, which you can set up indoors in your house, as well. The best way to use it, is by suspending the hammock and swing from it.

Aerial silks are yet another one of those equipments, without which you cannot do all the feats. These are very long fabrics, hung from the ceiling. These help you to get into acrobatic movements. Hula hoops are also a part of the package, at times. You can also practice this form, after learning it from the best schools, at home. Take classes from certified schools, to reduce risk of injuries. Additionally, you need to ensure that the place, where you will be practicing, be vacant of obstructions.

Here are the poses, which you will be able to learn at one of the best yoga schools in India, Shree Hari Yoga School. They are as listed below:

  • Full Plank with a Swing/ Hammock – You can easily do this aerial yoga pose, after learning the same from a good yoga school. Place both the feet on the swing or hammock, and the hands on the floor. The hands will be exactly below the shoulders. The hips will be at shoulder height. You need to engage your core muscles, to keep the lower back straight.
  • Padangushtasana – This is yet another pose, which you can do today at a yoga studio in India. Firstly, you need to stand on one leg, and place the other leg on the hammock. Elongate your spine, and twist a bit towards the lifted leg. Extend the hands towards that side. The opposite arm should be towards the outer side of the fabric.
  • Inverted Backbend – Stand in front of the hammock. You need to spread the hammock fabric to a certain extent, underneath you. Start bending your back, with the arms spread downward, and support yourself in the position with the hands. The back has to bend completely, for traction. You will feel the stretch in the upper back and lower back.

There are so many possibilities, with aerial yoga, that you will be spoilt. Yoga offers a huge range of motion and movements, with the swing, hammock, and the silks. You just cannot stop counting the benefits.

Tips For Beginners

You should keep these tips in mind, while attending yoga class, or while practicing at home. Here they are:

  • You should pay attention to your body’s messages. If you do not feel in sync with any posture, you should tell your instructor then and there.
  • You should also keep in mind to communicate well with your teacher. The rope and sling arrangements have to be comfortable enough. If you feel that, something is not quite right, you should not pressurize yourself. Ask your instructor to give you other options.
  • You need to take it slow. The same principle applies to most forms of yoga or physical exercises. Let your body get accustomed with your physical motion.
  • Trust the teachers at the school. And for that very reason, you should go to a certified yoga school. A certified yoga school also gives you a Yoga Alliance certification. It will help you to develop your career as a yoga teacher.
  • Also remember to have fun. It is very important for you to have fun while you are doing your exercises. Aerial yoga is a dynamic yoga form. So, you have to enjoy every move, to get the maximum out of it.

Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

At Shree Hari Yoga School, you will learn to practice this form, under safe settings. And, the benefits are myriad.

  • Your flexibility will increase manifold, as a result of aerial yoga practice. Moreover, you will gain, in terms of balance and strength.
  • Traction and joint decompression are the added benefits.
  • You will also be less likely to suffer from any heart disease in the future.
  • You can burn a significant amount of calories, while practicing aerial yoga.
  • Moreover, your mental health is also bound to improve manifold.

Learn it under close supervision of the best yoga teachers at the school. You will get the best learning, along with certification. Furthermore, you will get to know the theoretical aspects behind each yoga pose. The teachers are very well-experienced, and will see to it, that you are getting nothing but the best. Explore other forms as well, while you are at the school.

The journey can be best described as exhilarating. You must enrol for the course today at Shree Hari Yoga School, for greater benefits.


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