How Power Yoga Differs From Traditional Yoga?

While looking for yoga classes, you may come across various terms. Power yoga is one of them. Traditional yoga is more therapeutic, slow, and stabilizing. On the contrary, Power yoga is a more dynamic and agile form of yoga. Those who are habituated with aerobic exercises, may move towards Power yoga, for the dynamism. At Shree Hari Yoga School, you will be able to enrol in power yoga classes.

Power yoga comes from the Vinyasa style of yoga. It is more focussed towards core strength and endurance building. In the last few decades, this form of yoga has gained massive popularity. Sometimes, many yoga practitioners use the term interchangeably for vigorous fitness exercises as well. It is basically modelled on the lines of Ashtanga Yoga. However, the teachers can also create their own sequences.

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Power Yoga Vs Traditional Yoga

Power yoga often focuses on a single part of the body, with the assistance of a group of poses. First comes the basic sequences and then the advanced ones. The muscles get warmed up quickly, due to the dynamic nature of the exercises. The oxygen intake also increases, along with the heart rate.

If you engage in power yoga regularly, your muscles will get toned, and you will develop strength and agility in no time. When you stretch the muscles, as they contract, flexibility increases manifold. You can also compare this yoga form with meditation, as you are kept away from distractions, due to the dynamic nature of the yoga form.

You must know about a few differences between Power yoga and Traditional yoga, so that you can decide which style will suit you.

  • Speed – This is the first parameter, which will help you to decide, if you can cope with Power Yoga. The moves change quite quickly and swiftly, in the realm of Power Yoga. Moreover, you do not get much chance to take breaks in between. You have to continue one sequence, unless it is over. This helps you to focus on the breath patterns. If you practice and become comfortable with this type of yoga, you are bound to develop more resistance and power in the days to come. Your restorative experience is enhanced manifold, in the process. You may also get rid of all kinds of cardiovascular problems, if you continue to practice this for a while.
  • Sequence – In most yoga forms, the sequence of processes is not much important. You may practice poses according to your will and desire. However, you need to follow a particular sequence in Power Yoga. The classes are often led by the instructors, and you are required to follow their instructions to the core. Your spine health is also bound to improve manifold, as a result of the practice.
  • Flow – Flow is another factor, which differentiates Power Yoga from other traditional forms of yoga. You are likely to flow from one pose to another, exhaling, as you change positions. In the case of other forms, like Hatha Yoga, you are supposed to lay more importance on the position, rather than the flow.

These are a few factors, which make Power Yoga different from Traditional Yoga. You will likely get proper training, once you enrol for a course at Shree Hari Yoga School. This form of yoga can help you to develop more prowess in the yoga market. If you can learn and master Power yoga from the instructors at the best yoga school in India, life will be great ahead of you.

Before you do that, it will help to know a few of the benefits.

Benefits Of Power Yoga

  • You can improve your cardiovascular health manifold, if you practice Power Yoga. The main focus of this form is on the breath and intensity of exercises. This is a fast-paced training which involves various poses, connected to one another. This makes the person very agile, in all respects. The regular practice of Power Yoga will help in increasing your heart rate, improving blood circulation, and also increasing the overall stamina.
  • It also enhances your core strength, due to its fast-paced nature. There are a few instances, when you will be required to hold a certain pose for a few minutes only. When you hold the pose, the moves create pressure on the muscles, boosting your core strength and agility in the process.
  • If you practice Power Yoga on a daily basis, your motor skills are also bound to improve. That is why, this form is extremely beneficial for all those who have Parkinson’s. Power Yoga can improve motor control mechanisms and decreases muscle rigidity. Moreover, all those who experience tremors, feel better with this yoga style.
  • Power Yoga is also highly intensive in terms of weight loss mechanisms. You can burn a lot of calories, compared to what traditional yoga can burn. You can do Power Yoga, when you are unable to go outside to practice exercises. Your muscle strength and flexibility will also increase manifold, when you do it regularly. It also helps you realize the importance of diet.
  • You will be able to learn authentic yoga from Shree Hari Yoga School, which provided proper guidance to all its students. Moreover, you will also be able to reduce your stress, feel calm, and relaxed, if you practice Power Yoga on a regular basis. Power Yoga may be fast-paced, but it can help you to decrease cortisol levels.

Overall, if you practice Power Yoga regularly, you will be able to sleep better and also develop a stronger immune system. Your posture and balance will also increase. So, if you want all the above benefits, you must join a good Power Yoga class in India.

Intense and fast-paced yoga classes will help you to gain a lot of confidence in general. Familiarity with other forms make it easier for anyone to grasp the concept. So, you can also join Hatha Yoga classes at the school to stabilize your body, first.

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