10 Reasons Why Yoga on a Beach is Good for You

Over the years, the benefits of yoga have become apparent to all. It’s no longer just an exercise regime; it is a way of life. It relieves stress, energizes the body, and soothes the soul. And when you combine that with the ripples of the sea and the soft sand, you have the perfect recipe for a healthier lifestyle. If you still aren’t convinced, here are 10 reasons more Why Yoga on a Beach is Good for You. Read more about it will make you want to leave the four walls of your yoga studio and the city behind in favour of the beach:

1.)  Relax your Mind

beach meditation in goa, india at shree hari yoga school

While yoga indoors is relaxing enough, the sound of water and the sea breeze is known to enhance the entire experience significantly. Yoga on a Beach in Mandrem is only one good spot in Go, but the best that easily delivers on this promise. Yoga Teacher Training in a space such as this will help induce a meditative state of calm focus, and help you relieve stress, tension, anger and depression, as well as boost your energy.

2.)  Boost your Creativity

acrobatic yoga at the beach for couples and singles at shree hari yoga school

Imagine yoga teacher training in Gokarna in the middle of all that is good about nature – the jungle, palm trees and the ocean. Exercise in a space like that greatly enhances your creativity, simply by helping you introspect and reflect in a wide, natural space and giving your imagination free reign.

3.)  Build your Immunity

Urdhva Kukkutasana, Upward Cock Pose, advanced asana tought by shree hari yoga centre

Our yoga teacher training centres in Goa and Gokarna boast great beaches and outdoor spaces, leading to a fresher air and a healthy supply of oxygen. Moreover, the air by the sea is high in levels of iodine and ozone, which helps one develop a strong immunity system.

4.)  Strengthen your Muscles

strenghtening of leg muscles with warrior asana posture, yoga at the beach, shree hari yoga center

It feels great to have your feet sink into the sand; the realisation that it is also great for your body is a cherry on top. Unstable surfaces are known to strengthen the secondary muscles of your joints, hips & feet. Your posture also greatly benefits from the exercise.

5.)  Say Hello to the Sun

yoga at the beach and ocean

Long working hours usually entail whole days that are spent indoors without any exposure to the sun. This leads to a deficiency of Vitamin D in a number of individuals. Yoga on the beach gives one a boost in this essential vitamin, even on a cloudy day. 

6.)  Wake up to the Beach

yoga and meditation at the beach

Few would argue about the benefits of starting your day well. The sea and some energising asanas make for a great start to a day full of activities.

7.)  Enrich Your Senses

put your feets in the sand in goa or gokarna, enjoy india, the best yoga place at shree hari yoga school

When were the last time you felt the cold sand under your feet and the salty sea breeze on your face? These sensations can help your body in different ways by heightening your senses and invigorating your mind.

8.)  Breathe in the Fresh Air

shree hari yoga teacher training in india

The breeze from the sea contains negative ions that actually help your body absorb oxygen, and boost your serotonin levels. The result? A happier you.

9.)  Learn the Art of Adaptation

headstand at the beach in gokarna

Our homes, colleges and workplaces are all constructed to make us as comfortable as possible, alienating us from the natural environment. But when you’re doing yoga on a beach, you have to face the sun, the wind and the cold. This practice helps you adjust and adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in, encouraging you to find peace in every setting.

10.)  Beaches are awesome

Best meditation place in india at the indian ocean in goa and gokarna

Our yoga retreats in Goa and Gokarna are known for their natural beauty. While air-conditioned rooms are good, our beaches are not something to be missed!

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll NOW for our 200 hours or 300-hour Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Goa and Gokarna. We are starting on October 15th, to experience the best beaches in the country, in the best season possible! 

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