20-Minute Guided Sacral Meditation

What is a Guided Sacral Meditation?

Guided sacral meditation is a meditation that focuses on activating the sacral chakra. This chakra is our second chakra, located two inches below the navel and above our root chakra. This energetic wheel is related to our creativity, sensuality and acceptance of the change. In yoga practice, the asanas that help us to activate this area are hip openers. When working on hip openers it is a great opportunity to set an intention to release old trapped emotions, memories and pain. You can also set this as your theme for your closing meditation. This way your time on the mat isn’t only a beautiful physical practice, but also a healing internal journey. The fact that this meditation is guided means that it is led, so all you have to do is sit/lie down and let yourself go.

So put down your phone, turn off your computer and silence that never-ending “to-do” list in your mind. Now is the time for YOU. I really promise you everything can wait. It’s only 20 minutes! And you deserve to love and look after yourself, actually, this is the most important thing you can do. It is time to pull out your mat and listen to our guided sacral meditation – you won’t regret it!

If you can’t listen to the audio do not despair! We have a written guided sacral meditation below. Oh, we really do think of everything, don’t we? Enjoy:

Opening Meditation

Lay on your back and come into supta baddha konasana (reclining bound angle). Set your intention for your practice. What do you want to release? For example, for me, I regularly focus on releasing my inner critic. Frequently I set unattainable expectations for myself instead of accepting myself the way I am. I have a tendency to think what I am doing right now is not good enough. This is NOT true. We are all good enough right NOW, actually, we are even better than that. Therefore my intention in this practice is to release this habit.

Picture when this habit/ emotions/ thing has affected you. Remember a time it made you unhappy. Now, remember that you CAN let it go. Feel yourself letting go. Really feel the release. Imagine yourself without it. Feel how free you are, how much lighter you feel. As you inhale think “let”, and as you exhale think “go”. Take a few long slow deep breaths.

Now we are ready for our practice. Remember your intention and the feeling of letting go during the asanas.

Closing Meditation

Come back to your Shavasana (corpse pose). (Optionally – come back to supta baddha konasana).

Feel your hips. Are they looser? What do you feel? Just observe, do not judge. It does not matter what the answer is. Simply practice listening to your body.

Now take a deep long slow breath. Hold it, and let it go. Imagine all the tension leaving your body like a gentle grey mist. Come back to your deep and rhythmic breath.

Picture a bright white divine light above your head. It’s getting closer and closer. Larger and larger until it surrounds your whole body. You relax from the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes. You can feel the light shining inside you, healing and relaxing. The light shines out of you. You are glowing brightly. You are at one with love and self-acceptance. You are at one with divine light.

It encourages you to let go. Remember your intention. Let it go. Let it go. Remember your intention. Remember your perfection, your truth. You relax deeper.

Stay in silent meditation for 5-10 minutes.

When you are ready gently come back to your body. Feel the light energising and moving your fingers and toes. Feel your whole body energising and preparing for the beautiful day ahead.

When you are ready, bring your knees to your chest and turn to your right side. This foetal position symbolises a new birth, a new birth after releasing what no longer serves you. Keep this divine light with you for the rest of the day. Remember this feeling of lightness.

With your eyes closed come to a sitting position at the front of your mat. Bring your hands into namaskara (prayer) position. Thank yourself and your body for coming to your mat today. Tell yourself one thing that your love about yourself. Remember how whole and perfect you are. Gently hug yourself. Find your softness. Then gently blink your eyes open. It is a beautiful day.

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