Am I Too Old to Train as a Yoga Teacher?

Embarking on anything new at any age is scary. The fear of failure, of looking silly in front of fellow students and the question ‘I am too old, what is the point? It won’t be a Career!’

So let us unpick this a little.

Back when I began my teacher training it really was because I wanted to ‘teach’! But I didn’t want to teach big classes, I just wanted to teach my son (it was a Children’s Yoga teacher Training Course). After just the first two days I realised how valuable and important these tools and techniques were – and suddenly my calling was right there in front of me!

Most people on my Children’s Yoga Training Course were already Yoga Teachers and they kept asking me why I wasn’t a teacher myself.

And if I am brutally honest with you, I didn’t feel I knew enough or was good enough to be a teacher.

I felt confident with children, but I didn’t feel I could live up to the adult yoga teachers I had met.

Until I found that I wanted to deepen my own knowledge.

You see, Teacher Training will train you to be a teacher, but it is the knowledge and self-discovery that really matters.

Here are 3 points to consider when deciding on doing a teacher training

  1. Age is irrelevant

It really is, especially when it comes to Yoga. Everybody can do yoga, regardless of age, ability, height, weight etc. and that is the same for a teacher training course.

On a teacher training course, it is very likely that you will do daily yoga practices, as part of the development. This can be physically tough or everyone on the course, but all students are in it together, so lean on each other and support each other through it.

Do not worry about the physical aspect of the TT, as good instructors will guide you through in the perfect way for you.

  1. Your age is your experience

Your life knowledge and deep wisdom will be a wonderful sounding board for the younger less experienced students on the course.

Being mature in year’s means that you bring a knowledge and calm influence that wouldn’t be there if you weren’t on the course – so your age is your super power.

Look at the yoga teachers local to you. Do they all fit into a certain age bracket? There are folks out there, just like you but thinking about starting yoga, and feeling intimidated by the young images that are strewn all over the media. You will give them the courage, the understanding and the comfort to begin their yoga journey.

I am not telling you that your niche should be over 40/50/60 etc. but as uniquely you, you will attract the right students and probably find it easier to fill classes, because you are older and therefore stand out!

Taking on a Yoga Teacher Training has very little to do with whether you are going to be a teacher, career choices and filling studios with students.

It has more to do with YOU.

Regardless of ability, wealth, experience and least of all age.

It is all to do with passion.

The desire to learn, to grow and expand your own knowledge.

Yes teacher training will equip you with the tools to teach, and perhaps like me, you’ll leave feeling that teaching is as important to you as breathing, or perhaps you won’t – but one thing is certain – you will have developed and deepened your own understanding of Yoga.

Your life and health will be richer and nurtured by taking on something so incredible.

There will definitely be younger people on the course, but your experience is a gift and that is priceless.

No matter how old you are.

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