Best beach in Gokarna

Namaste beautiful souls! I don’t know if it is my age or the feeling to be alone in a different world, but my longing for a soul partner, a partner for real unconditional love on both sides is growing.
I went to the most beautiful places, I shared my happiness and experience with my beloved friends, but to know, this people will be only for some time in my life makes me feeling that I am not completely enjoying. I want to share my adventures with someone who can feel the divine path like me and go this way with me together, grow with me together and where a exchange of all this is taking place. I am not a religious person, but I believe in god beyond religion and pray that I will see who is this wonderful soul, hopefully soon. :o)

“When a man and wife are united as true soul mates they will be one flesh, they will act in harmony and unison in body, mind, and soul; their souls will not act with different ideals, but as two bodies, two minds, two souls, with one ideal”

12th and 13th Muhammad and me went to YSS retreat in Mysore and I learned my Gurujis techniques more intense. Also I could meet my friend Cem and cleared our missunderstanding we had last time. It was great! Than I went with Muhammad to Goa, spend there 1 week time with relaxing, Yoga at the beach and meeting my friend Pankaj who I met there last time with Nagaraj. We had a very nice time and I could even give a Yoga class to a group of 6 people.

19th of May I went than from Mysore to Gokarna with Muhammad, that was funny, actually we went by train and missed our station first, because nobody is anouncing it in the train and we couldn`t see any name also at the stations. We spend a night than 40km ahead somewhere and went to Gokarna next day. Morning we arrived Gokarna save and had time to check a good cottage. We found at kudle beach for 250inr and a cute cottage with some hippies around, who told us to join them at paradies beach. That was a great experiance too. This beach have no accomodation, you need a tent or something like this. I made a tent with our mosquito net from our cottage and a bed with sand, palm leaves and a blanked on top.

Night we made a camp fire, shower we took with water from a well and food we had around and from the nearby village. It was great to live so simple close with the nature. And first time in my life I could see glowing plankton there in the water. The ocean is glowing with every movement in the water, it is so much beautiful, my heart was full in bliss at this moment. I am really really blessed to experience all this!!! Now I am sure that I am still on my right way, because everything is going smooth and all the spirits are supporting my way.

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