Goa is, without a doubt, a paradise for beach and nature lovers. When one mentions Goa, the first few things that come to mind are beaches, parties, fun, and recreation. The inner yogi, who yearns for a union of the body, mind, and soul, would certainly not include such a location on their list.

And here is where the widespread belief falls short!


Every year, Goa welcomes a delightful mix of yogis who are either just beginning their journey or have already started and want to go further.

Numerous schools, institutions, and centers are available to welcome each applicant with various options suitable for their needs. It has grown in popularity as a yoga destination thanks to its distinctive blend of the West and the East, where a laid-back vacation amidst nature’s bounty is combined with revitalizing yoga courses. Due to its growing popularity as a yoga destination, there is a huge yoga teacher training community here, which adds to the comfort.

Additionally, it is highly prized to have the opportunity to practice on the beach while listening to the tranquil sounds of the gently flowing tides.


Teachers around the world settle here, give classes, and frequently create their practice philosophies.

While yoga retreats may be appropriate for more dedicated practitioners if you have debated whether or not to try yoga, one of these yoga teacher training course may change your life.



Most yoga schools in Goa are humming with activity from November to March because the summer months of March through May are followed by rainy months from June through August.

Therefore, you should reserve your classes in advance if you intend to travel during that time to avoid the last-minute rush.



Therefore, you’ve decided that you need a break, that it’s time to escape your routine and find some profound relaxation.You may believe that yoga is calming, and where better to travel to for a calming yoga journey than India? Although Goa sounds like the place you want to be, and you have heard only positive things about it, your thoughts are still racing. “What hotel should I book? How much will this cost me?

And what about everything else you might want to do besides yoga?

You would benefit from A Guide to Yoga Retreats in Goa, and we at Shree Hari Yoga want to assure you that we completely understand! It can be anything but relaxing to plan a vacation that includes yoga and meditation, and it can be overwhelming and even counterintuitive.

To make things even simpler for you, we have developed a foolproof guide specifically for this purpose.



How will a yoga retreat in Goa differ from your regular weekly after-work class at home? You may also be interested in deepening your practice after taking several yoga classes. You need a yoga experience that is fully immersive and includes rest and recovery time.

Shree Hari Yoga will teach you all the different yoga asanas—the term we “yogis” use to describe the physical aspect of the practice—as well as how to apply yoga to everyday life to increase your awareness of your body and mind.

You will identify that yoga is much more than just a workout


Millions of people worldwide now practice yoga as a way of life.

It is a necessary self-care break from the typical and hectic city life.

A wonderful getaway for people of all abilities and levels.

A retreat to India, the birthplace of yoga, is exactly where you should be going if you want to learn more about the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga or the lunar combination of Hatha Yoga.

We’ll lead you on a journey to discover your inner consciousness and give you a chance to direct your energy


A dedicated yoga retreat combines the holiday getaway with the spiritual quest. You won’t be able to sit in the Lotus Position, do the splits, or put your legs behind your ears right away, but you will learn how to start working toward these goals. In any case, isn’t the journey itself the most enjoyable part?

Sounds alluring. Perfect, since we concur! We want to congratulate you right now!


What lies ahead will undoubtedly change your life; you might shed happy tears remembering it years from now. As you’ll soon discover, Shree Hari Yoga in Goa, India, offers a wide selection of yoga retreats, with various lodging options and retreat packages.

Pocket friendly adventures to beat the boredom


All very lovely retreats, hosted by some equally beautiful and bright people.

What about all the other things you want to do while on your ideal vacation, and is it possible to do them any less expensively?  Yes, and there’s no need to be concerned.

However, we will also take you on some incredibly thrilling excursions to fully take advantage of what Goa has to offer.

Expect to participate in professional yoga photo shoots, Indian cooking classes, camping, and kayaking. and a whole lot more!


A deeper internal connection to oneself is encouraged in addition to these ‘face value’ amenities. We’re here to assist you in discovering your inner zen, utilizing its inherent power, and progressing through life as a more tranquil, centered, and all-around happier person.

Moment to pay attention to breathing


Controlling our essential life sources—our breath—is what pranayama entails. We all take it for granted, but it’s vital to living a long and fulfilling life. The longer you live, it would seem, the slower and calmer your heart rate!

We assist you in setting a path to accomplishing this when you stay with us. You will participate in a two-hour class focusing primarily on breathing exercises and good posture.

As we move forward, we’ll encourage you to use these strategies in every aspect of your life.

Self-awareness and mindfulness


Let us assist you in developing a greater sense of self as we continue our discussion of progress in life. How frequently have you driven to work only to discover that you have no real memory of any of the events en route?

We carry out hundreds of tasks in our daily lives, one at a time, but we hardly ever take the time to concentrate on each task separately.

The core of mindfulness is being present in the moment.

For this reason, nearly all yoga retreats will include a period of meditation.

This is your chance to concentrate on your breathing, develop your self-awareness, and learn how to apply this strategy when you get home.

Join us as we practice meditation every day!

Healthy food and a peaceful natural environment


Unbelievably, as your understanding of mindfulness grows, you’ll be inspired to put away your phone and turn off the television. You’ll start setting aside time to eat for your body properly each day.

During the yoga teacher training course, you will be surrounded by delicious, wholesome, and filling foods as part of your stay at Shree Hari Yoga. 

You are designed to foster positive growth in your body and mind.

We’ll even give you a chance to learn how to prepare some delicious and nutritious meals to feel strong in your body, mind, and spirit as you return home.

Did we mention that you’ll spend the entire time with 20 of your brand-new best friends?


Yes, a yoga retreat in Goa is the ideal location to visit if you want to escape your stressful and routine city life. It’s also the ideal location to “hit that restart button” on a way of life that may be in desperate need. Despite everything, remember that you will undoubtedly make many new friends—friends from all over the world, to boot. Each retreat can accommodate 20 people, accommodating all levels of yoga proficiency and aspirations.

You’ll be in a setting where it’s easy to create lifelong memories thanks to the inspirational Gurus and inspiring teachers there!


According to ancient yoga texts, there are up to 8.4 million asanas (physical yoga positions), one for each species on the planet earth.You can begin your asana journey in Goa among a stunning variety of beaches, cliffs, jungles, and backwaters.Get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city of Panjim and meditate on Vagator Beach, take a stroll through the jungle surrounding Sweet Water Lake, or go swimming in the freshwater rivers.

In any case, let’s get started, shall we, guys?

We want to share with you the beautiful energy we have with you!

Soon, we’ll see you!



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