How You Can Use Ayurveda In Your Daily Life?

Ayurveda is an ancient healing practice that has stood the test of time. Today, the world is standing at a juncture, after Covid-19, where people are going back to the old. Western medicine is improving at break neck speed and that is a reality. However, these medicines always treat the symptoms of diseases, and not the root cause. So, you will often face situations of relapse. When you stop taking a medicine, you will find the disease creeping back.

This is where Ayurveda enters the scene. It treats the disease from the roots, rather than the symptoms. So, you can eradicate the disease totally. This is one of the principal reasons why, Ayurveda is gaining popularity today.

When you visit any Ayurveda doctor or consultant, you be scrutinized on your lifestyle and health, before you receive a diagnosis or any medicine. That is the reason why, you will find many people asking the question, ‘Is there an Ayurveda teacher training near me?’ If you get the knowledge about Ayurveda, you can put it to good use in your life.

The Approach of Ayurveda

Ayurveda follows a Sattvic approach. It is the diet plan which Ayurveda prescribes. It includes eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, pulses, and dairy products. These are known to aid you, in minimising the energy expenditure for mundane body processes. Once, you are healthy externally, you can direct all your energies to activities that nurture the mind and soul.

In Ayurveda, every individual has a certain body type. The three main prakritis, as they are called, are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. If all these three doshas are balanced, you can remain healthy inside-out. Ayurveda works with all other forms of treatments and medicines, whether Allopathy or Homeopathy, as well. You can feel your systems working properly and your immunity getting strengthened, as a result of Ayurveda.

Today, you will come to know about a few advantages that Ayurveda offers.

Benefits Of Ayurveda In Daily Life

If you eat healthy, according to Ayurvedic principles, and also follow a few routines, you will see the benefits.

Those who are asking about ‘Ayurveda teacher training near me,’ can now enrol themselves in one of the good schools in India. India is where this ancient science was born. So, you can get all the authentic information, which you can put to good use.

  • Ayurveda relies on the principle of cleanliness, whether internal or external. As a result of daily body functions, you will accumulate a lot of toxins within the body. Ayurveda has devised a technique or rather a collection of techniques, called Panchakarma. It means five actions. The techniques include diet management, massage therapies, medicated oil massages, and steam therapies.
  • Apart from the above therapies, if you follow an Ayurvedic diet plan, you will gain lots of benefits. Having fresh food and food cooked in less oil helps in quick digestion and elimination of the excreta. This keeps the body healthy and happy. You will also be able to maintain your weight, and cut the flab, by following an Ayurvedic diet. Dietary restrictions suggesting the avoidance of fermented and processed foods, aids the digestive system to function in a better manner. You will also be able to maintain a toned body.
  • If you follow a raw vegetable and fruit diet, you will be able to flaunt healthy skin and hair. You can give expensive laser and invasive dermatological therapies a miss, by following Ayurveda. A light meal and regular exercise help the individual to get a healthy skin and body. Foods that are high in anti-oxidants, like herbal juices, drinks, and teas are surely going to help you in your quest to obtain glowing skin and shiny hair.
  • Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has huge repercussions on one’s mind and body. Deadlines are quite regular at work and can make one anxious and nervous. There are various kriyas that Ayurveda suggests. They include meditation, breathing exercises, and herbal massages. If you can practice either of these, you will be able to enjoy a happy life. Breathing exercises have the power to keep infections away. And yoga can impact the autonomous nervous system, in a positive manner. If you can give yourself an Ayurvedic massage with any herbal oil, it can de-stress you in no time.
  • Today, inflammation affects people of all age groups. Seniors are more susceptible to such inflammation attacks. Unhealthy food, lack of sleep, and processed food impact older people more than anyone. This is why, most seniors start suffering from diabetes, heart issues, kidney issues, and arthritis. Ayurveda has laid down certain guidelines, according to which you need to eat certain foods at certain hours only. Seasonal food lists are also available. If you follow the above principles, you will be able to guard against inflammation.

Ayurveda is a huge subject, so you need to delve deep inside.

Personal and Social Hygiene – Importance in Ayurveda

  • You should wake up around 4.30am – 5.00am. This is called ‘Brahma Muhurta’, when the cosmic forces are active. You can also witness the beautiful sunrise, and start your day.
  • In the course of your daily life, you should never suppress urination and excretion, no matter how busy you are. After excretion or urination, Ayurveda advises one to wash the surrounding body parts to prevent dirtiness.
  • It is also advisable, that you use a natural toothbrush, to brush your teeth. Neem twigs are excellent for this purpose. It also eliminates the foul smell, if used regularly.
  • Body massage with medicated ‘Ghrita’ or oil is another practice that Ayurveda encourages. You can also massage the head, legs, and arms with such oils. You will feel relaxed after a hard day at work.
  • Ayurveda also suggests one not to sleep in the daytime. This results in sound sleep at night.

These are a few guidelines that Ayurveda offers. You should do a formal course in Ayurveda, to know more. Moreover, you can learn all the practical kriyas, involving massages, oleation, and sudation for a better life.

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