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If you have ever read about Yoga and Ayurveda, there are high chances that you will come across the word, Panchakarma. It is inter-related with Ayurveda and related therapies. Panchakarma has been rightly called a sub-branch of Ayurveda. The name literally means the five actions. There are five distinct processes that can lead to the total cleansing and detoxification of the body. The activities that one will practice as a part of this procedure are vomiting, excreting, body oleation, nasal oleation, fomentation, leech therapy, and so on. These processes are a mix of the above activities, either solely or partially.

You can find out more about the same from any good Ayurveda Retreat Rishikesh. In the Panchakarma procedures, the main mode or essential tools are oils of various kinds. They can be medicated or concocted ones. You may also find herbal concoctions, being used frequently. Panchakarma is the application of Ayurveda, which can take the level of detoxification to another level, altogether. Let us delve into the five Panchakarma therapies.

Five Panchakarma Therapies Decoded

  • Vaman
  • Virechan
  • Basti
  • Nasya
  • Raktamokshan

Vaman – It is also quite popular as emesis therapy. When you have constant congestion in the lungs, you will suffer from respiratory illnesses, Bronchitis, colds, cough and Asthma. This Ayurvedic therapy aims at removing the Kapha through vomiting. The excess mucus also tends to come out at this time. Kapha is mainly stored in the lungs and the stomach region. If you are able to release the mucus, you will immediately feel relieved. Moreover, the feelings of wheeziness and breathlessness, leave the body. After you undergo this treatment, you are advised to stay away from smoking and you should not suppress your natural urges. After this therapy, you can also breathe freely. The chest will be lighter and your appetite will also increase.

Virechan – It is also quite popularly called Purgation therapy. When excess bile and pitta are stored in the gall bladder, liver, and the small intestine, it can lead to many chronic diseases including rashes on the skin, inflammation, fever, as well as jaundice. When you excrete, the excess pitta is removed. Individuals who undergo this disease, are advised to maintain a healthy diet, that comprises of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Basti – It is better known as Enema therapy. Vata is the main cause of many diseases, that the human body suffer from. This Ayurvedic therapy can help with the release of Vata. It is the main cause of multiple illnesses like arthritis, chronic pains, and low immune function. Skin diseases also occur as a result of Vata imbalance. The main sites for Vata are the bones and large intestine. When the medication is provided through the rectum, the same reaches the bones as well as the large intestines.

Nasya – It is believed that the nose is the entrance to the brain and the higher consciousness. Thus, when you administer any medicine through the nose, it is called Nasya. If there is any excess mucus or other toxins accumulated in the head, nose, throat or the sinuses, then Prana or life force energy, cannot move. Thus, it is important to remove the accumulated toxins. It also helps in the maintenance of mental and cognitive activities. If fresh prana is not able to reach the said areas of the body, headaches and loss of memory occurs. If you suffer from eye problems, ear problems, and headaches, you can get medication through the nasal pathway. Your emotions will also start opening up. When you undergo this treatment, blocked emotions get released.

Raktamochana – It is a traditional and ayurvedic method, to get the blood cleansed. All those who suffer from repeated infections and inflammatory conditions, must undergo this treatment. Skin disorders occurring repeatedly is also another sign, that blood is impure. An increased amount of Pitta may also make blood impure. So,  leech therapy or Raktamochana is the best way, by which you can handle the issues. The impure blood is taken out of the body or the affected areas, with the help of leeches. You can learn about more such procedures at the Ayurveda Retreat Rishikesh.

Why Should One Undergo A Panchakarma Therapy?

You should opt for Panchakarma therapy, if you are suffering from a stressed life, with lots of anxieties. Moreover, many people live on the fast track today, and rely on fast food. So, that is damaging enough, and one of the reasons, why you should go for Panchakarma. Furthermore, you can also delegate another reason to undergo the therapy, due to the excessive pollution in the surroundings. All this has a huge impact on the health, physically as well as mentally.

Panchakarma can help in reversing the damage that has already been done, and also stops further damage. It also helps on complete detoxification. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, by ingesting Sattvic food, then it is all the more better. Your Panchakarma program will start with a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor. The specialist will prescribe a plan for you, keeping in mind the body prakriti. The treatment plan is based on both the Prakriti as well as the Vikriti. You are supposed to maintain the schedule as suggested by the specialist, as a part of the program. Avail yourself of the treatment services or learn more about them at the Ayurveda Center in Rishikesh.

The program comes with a huge number of benefits. They are-

  • Panchakarma treatment has the power to purify the body completely.
  • It helps restore the fire in the belly or the metabolic fire.
  • It also helps to eliminate the toxins from the blood, and strengthens the tissue functions.
  • Panchakarma also assists in the balance of all the three doshas.
  • It also helps to improve the health, with proper diet and lifestyle.
  • It reduces excess stress and brings about relaxation.
  • You will age slowly and gracefully, after you complete the processes.

Thus, this treatment can help you in many different ways. However, you should ensure to get it done under trained experts. Head to the best Ayurveda and Yoga center in Rishikesh for the best lessons and practices.

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