Shree Hari Yoga’s vision for retreats in Goa

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Shree Hari Yoga school: our brand new location in beautiful Goa, India!

Adding to our current locations in Gokarna and Dharamshala, Goa is known the world over for being a mecca for psy-trance dance parties, spirituality, and the beautiful beach.

We’ve partnered with Ashvem Beach Hotel to build a shala on their roof. We are currently in the design phase. It’s a beautiful time where we can visualize what we want our shala to be and the universe will manifest. Our vision is to help people.

Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, obesity, depression, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid problems? Do you have knee pain, back pain, neck or shoulder pain, or other ailments?

Perhaps a yoga retreat is the change you need. Many people come to Shree Hari Yoga for a yoga retreat to deepen their practice, heal, and relax. The benefits are miraculous. Our guests leave the retreat brand new people. It’s impossible to go through our program and not experience a lasting life change.

When you join us for a yoga retreat you’re welcome to join any of our drop in classes. Additionally, if there’s a yoga teacher training happening while you’re visiting, you’re able to sit in on any of the sessions. This means you’re given access to a world-class education in yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, philosophy, anatomy, physiology, and much more.

And what better place to alter your perceptions than Goa, India? Goa provides an idyllic backdrop for your retreat. The crystal blue waters. The cool salty breeze. The beaming sun warm on your skin. When you’re not practicing yoga enjoy the beautiful beach. Go into town and experience a local Indian market. See a mix of colors and experience new smells. Share the street with cows and rickshaws. There’s no place like India for a yoga retreat because it’s the home of yoga. There’s an energy field in India that makes it the ideal spot to deepen your yoga practice.

Goa is known for its party scene but don’t let the distractions get the best of you. Come to Goa. Come to Shree Hari Yoga. Delve into your deepest self and come out the other side as a new you. A yogi.

Read more about our new Goa location and learn more about our yoga retreats here.

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