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Yoga. It can conjure up all kinds of images in your mind. But do you really know the full benefits that students receive from yoga? Why are people jetting off to a Yoga Retreat in India? And what inspires people to attend Yoga Teacher Training in India?

Well, it is because of these amazing benefits that students receive from the practice of Yoga.

  • Improved Flexibility and Physical & Mental Strength
  • Better Sleep
  • Clearer Thoughts & Clarity of Mind
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Happy Outlook

Improved Flexibility and Physical & Mental Strength

There is no denying the incredible benefits that Yoga has on the physical body. Whether you are young, old, flexible, and stiff as a board or have a disability – yoga will benefit you physically.

You do not have to be super bendy or fit to do yoga, you just need to start. Flexibility is a by-product of Yoga. If you do yoga you may find you become flexible, but you don’t have to start the practice.

Your body becomes fitter & stronger. By practicing the poses, your muscles will strengthen & tone, your joints will become more mobile, your tendons and ligaments will become more elastic, and your bones will become denser, preventing fracture and brittle bone disorders.

The mental journey you may find yourself on when practicing Yoga can be different for everyone. For certain yoga encourages you to be kind to yourself, to not compare, and to learn to love your unique ability. This is a valuable gift and mindset to have in everyday life, even away from the mat. It benefits everything you do.

Better Sleep

The Yoga poses and physical movements in Yoga have many beneficial qualities for the body. Such as lowering blood pressure, releasing anxiety, calming the mind, relieving aches & pains in the joints, and relaxing the muscles.

Due to the release of tension in the body through movement and meditation, the blood pressure can drop, stress levels decrease and negative thoughts lessen. All of this is conducive to better blissful sleep.

Clearer Thoughts

There is no denying that with the healthy connection to the self, achieved through Yoga you become clearer in the mind.

A healthier body and better sleep then lead to a clearer mind during the day. Having clarity of thoughts means that you will be focused, aligned with your purpose, and be able to make decisions easier. When unexpected challenges pop up, you will be able to better focus and go with the flow, rather than reacting stressfully.

Healthy Relationships

Yoga positively affects your life in so many ways. Through clearer thoughts, better sleep patterns, and a healthier body. Having this sense of well-being and happiness ensures that your self-esteem and self-love are reinforced, creating healthier relationships with others.

Through Yoga and the balancing of the chakras, you will be able to speak your truth with love & honesty, communicate effectively and learn to let go of those that are not healthy to be in your life right now.

Happy Outlook

All of the above amounts to a healthy and happy life. Keeping you physically and mentally well will enable you to be a magnet to the right kind of people.

Yoga off of the mat

With all these incredible benefits, Yoga is not something to be done once a week in a class, but in fact, a lifestyle tool that can be used in every aspect of one’s life. A real way to immerse yourself in yoga and understand its benefits is to undertake a Yoga Teacher Training or treat yourself to a Yoga Retreat in India.

You don’t have to want to become a teacher, in fact, many people who take a teacher training do so for their own knowledge and development.

Retreats are an easy non-committal way to really nourish your soul, mind & body. It stands to reason why so many people are heading off to yoga retreats in India.

Would a Yoga Retreat in India benefit me?

To immerse yourself and feel the benefits in the ‘motherland’ of Yoga is a spiritual & magical event. You can easily find out about retreats and discover them for yourself. You won’t regret it.

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