Understanding Tao

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If you are willing to look at avenues to learn Tao, stop right here. Taoism is one of the Chinese modalities, everyone wants to know about. While the world was reeling under the effects of the pandemic, many modalities like acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese medicine, and so on. Tao mainly teaches a person to use his breath in a positive manner. The practitioners of Tao can transform any crisis situation to a positive, and non-cumbersome one. Get ready to unearth the secrets in this blog.

Taoism Explained in Detail

Many of you may be very confused with the exact definition of Taoism. Taoism is not about rules, or mandates, as many perceive it to be. However, it is mainly about the truth. The Tao is something, that you cannot really define. You will have a tough time, learning Tao, if you are too engrossed in learning about its definition. There are many aspects that cannot be defined. Taoism is one of them.

So, before you delve deeper into the subject, know how it feels to practice Taoism. Taoism mainly allows a person to flow with life. Some of the basic tenets of Taoism are philosophical, to explain in the best manner possible. To make matters simpler for you, Taoism mainly revolves around genuine activities and longevity. It is about transformation and equilibrium as well. You will also hear it as Dao. Tao or Dao, whatever you choose to call it, is the natural order of the universe, which many Chinese people follow. But it is now outside the region. People from across the globe, have started understanding the huge benefits associated with it.

Taoism or Daoism, no matter how you choose to address it, is an ancient philosophy from China. It has managed to garner a lot of fan-following and interest in recent times. The popular philosopher, named Lao Tzu is the one who had brought it to the foreground from the background. He wrote the book, a first of its kind in 500 BC. Taoism mainly states that all the humans and the animals should live in balance with one another. The Taoists or the proponents of Taoism, believe in spiritual immortality. It is believed that the spirit that leaves the body after death joins the universe. For all those, who are still hell bent on understanding or rather unearthing the definition of Tao, is the way of the universe. Every living being, according to Taoism, consists of a kind of energy. It is called Chi or Qi. None of the Taoists believe that energy is God, though. But they treat all the gods as a part of the Taoist belief system. Taoism does have temples, monasteries, and other sacred structures in China. You will also come across priests there. It also includes meditation and chanting.

Taoism Beliefs and Practices

You will be amazed to know that Taoism is widely followed in China today. It is more of a philosophy that the Chinese follow, rather than a religion. It is mainly based on the books and teachings of Lao Tzu. He also happens to be a mythological person. The Taoists believe that if you follow certain beliefs and rituals, you can become immortal. It actually translates into you, becoming a deity, rather, than a human. The philosophical nature of this system does not support non-violence of any kind.

Here are a few beliefs and rituals, that will give you a broad understanding of Tao or Dao, or the philosophical Taoism.

  • You should focus on your individuality, rather then focussing on what is going on around you. This is the very basic tenet, on which this system lies. You should also learn to go with the flow of life. The universe, in this context is the best judge of all your circumstances, and can provide you the best path. Moreover, you should take things as they come, and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • You should also make Taoism a part of your life, by engaging in meditation and chanting. It will also help you to move away from worldly distractions. It teaches one to meditate deeply and mindfully. So, the concentration increases manifold, and you can control your thoughts or the results of your actions.
  • Taoists never think of violence in any manner. They so not perceive that any kind of violence can actually yield any kind of result. You will find them incorporating peace and harmony into everything.
  • Taoism also focuses on keeping others interests first, before yours. According to this system, others are also important for your existence as you are to them. You should be kind and helpful towards the others. It gives a lot of internal satisfaction at the end of the day.
  • Simplicity is a top priority, and the basic essence of life. The religious beliefs of Taoism allow the followers to perform only good deeds. It also helps in gaining inner peace and clarity of mind.
  • Ill-treatment towards a woman, is a strict No-No, in this religious system. And the one who does that, gets the same results. Taoism does not believe in the existence of hell as such.

The Triple Gems of Taoism

In Taoism, there are three treasures, and they are humility, frugality, and compassion. Everything in this world follows Taoism or Daoism. So, you should also do that. If you can follow the principles chalked out by this system, the benefits are immense. Stop being extravagant and thin about others. It will leave you happier, by the day. A peaceful heart and mind can attain riches that are more precious than money alone. That is what the Taoists believe.

Another important feature that differentiates Taoists from others, is their inherent love for scriptures. You will find them praying to the heavens and their ancestors as a mark of respect. Moreover, they believe that by reading scriptures and other religious texts, they can banish ignorance which is one of the primary fallacies of man. You can also declare your wishes to the heavenly bodies, while reciting the verses and thus bring about a common understanding with the universe as a whole.

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