A representative list of the UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity includes yoga practice in India. Right now, Rishikesh is home to many ashrams where people practice meditation and many old forms of yoga. 

Rishikesh is referred to be the “World Capital of Yoga.” 


India welcomes millions of tourists annually who come to learn about the culture. A yearly International Yoga Festival is also held in India, particularly in Rishikesh. It provides a chance to connect with your spiritual side and is frequented by yoga enthusiasts worldwide. 


As one of the most significant locations in India for yoga and meditation, Rishikesh’s ashrams benefit from the Himalayas’ natural beauty as well as the serenity of the Ganges River. 

Why do yoga in Rishikesh?


An ideal experience is traveling to the town of Rishikesh to practice yoga and engage in spirituality. So many souls and other beings journey to this sacred country to learn about the mystics of yoga and spirituality. 

While some yogis are novices hoping to develop into skilled practitioners, others are yogis wanting to investigate the discipline on a far deeper level. Rishikesh welcomes people of various backgrounds and has legacies to give each soul. 


A destination like Rishikesh, known for its peace and tranquility, is the ideal setting for yoga. Visualize doing yoga while sitting by a river as the majestic Himalayas are all around you. The environment here is perfect for a challenging yoga program. 

As the birthplace of yoga, it is well renowned. A classical, ancient, and pure type of yoga without any impurities is provided to you by a recognized yoga school in Rishikesh. Yoga aspirants and travelers alike are encouraged to visit and explore this location of Rishikesh’s welcoming atmosphere. 

Transform yourself with our spiritual yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, where we provide 100, 200, 300, and 500-hour certified yoga teacher training programs. Experience our life-changing yoga teacher training in India. 


The most well-known yoga schools and ashrams worldwide are located in Rishikesh, a city with a long history in yoga and spirituality. 

The spirituality, yoga, and natural beauty of this place draw tourists from all over the world. 

Finding the most renowned and distinguished people is simple. 



Rishikesh is home to the world’s most authentic kind of yoga, drawing both yoga instructors and students. 

Reasons to Choose Shree Hari Yoga Teacher Training Program in Rishikesh


High-profile YTT Certification 

Shree Hari Yoga has received international recognition for its yoga training programs as an RYS (registered yoga school). This acknowledgment has established a standard for providing high-quality yoga instruction. 

Graduates of the YTTC program at Shree Hari Yoga are awarded the honor and recognition of being Yoga Alliance-recognized yoga teachers and practitioners. 

With this certification, you will have the freedom to promote yoga instruction all over the world. 


Curriculum approved by the Yoga Alliance 

The basis of every effective training program is the curriculum, and Shree Hari Yoga ensures that its curriculum adheres to the standards established by Yoga Alliance. The curriculum is divided into many phases, including Practical Techniques, Intensive Meditation Sessions, How to Become a Good Yoga Teacher, Knowing the Body and its Anatomy, Yoga philosophy (the yogic life), and Practicum of all the course material learned over the entire program. 


Ideal daily schedule and instruction 

The program’s timetable is kept varied and adhered to strictly by the highly regarded and famous yoga instructors of Shree Hari Yoga. 

The day begins with morning yoga asanas, mantra chanting, and herbal infusion, but it eventually moves on to yogic teachings and rigorous meditation exercises. 

Documenting the lessons learned and the experiences had throughout the day, as well as a heartfelt exchange with other yogis and teachers marks the end of the day. 


Meals and lodging 

Today’s comfort facilities are provided in the rooms with the Himalayas as their backdrop. The developing yogis are fed wholesome, delicious meals that nurture their bodies and souls properly. 


Activities & Trips for Rejuvenation 

According to the gurus of Shree Hari Yoga, yoga education shouldn’t be restricted only to study and practice. 

Recreational pursuits are equally crucial for renewal. 

We learn how to breathe easily and liberate our minds and bodies via yoga. 

Spiritual and adventurous outings, including trips to Kunjapuri, treks across the Himalayas, and river rafting activities, are done for general well-being to ensure program variety. 

The yogis also receive a complimentary Ayurvedic massage to rejuvenate their bodies and spirit. 


The Ideal Training Result 

Every action we perform is driven by the desire to obtain a result and a repercussion. Because of this outcome, we put our time and money into a certain program. 

If the outcome is to get a memorable experience, recognition that would open up additional prospects, or just a learning curve, then so be it. 

Upon the successful conclusion of the program, you are awarded all these results. 

While having a life-changing experience, you would develop as a respected yoga instructor, a deeply ingrained practitioner, and a yoga erudite. 


Yoga Teacher Training at Shree Hari Yoga is the answer if you seek an authentic yogic experience and education at the right price. 

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