Yin Philosophy

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Where energies are concerned, the principle of Yin and Yang seems to rule everywhere. The energies are named differently in different cultures. However, there is always a female energy and a male energy. In Hinduism, there is Shiva and Shakti. In Chinese healing, there is Yin and Yang. While Prana is the life force, that we encounter in healing modalities like Pranic Healing. Qi is something, that you would probably encounter in the Chinese realm. So, you have to read this entire page to know more about the philosophy and other aspects of Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang

Although, you may think, why we are discussing both, when the topic says Yin. It is due to the very fact, that both are inseparable from one another. They are together, yet they are separate. It actually resembles the opposites attract philosophy. This is a fundamental concept according to Chinese Medicine. According to Chinese philosophy, one is not separate from the other. Both are together. Most of you will be somewhat familiar to the symbol, that represents Yin and Yang. However, it has a far more deeper meaning. Once you understand the deeper meaning and significance, you will start seeing the symbols everywhere. Additionally, you will also develop deeper awareness of the realm.

The Philosophy or Story Behind These Energies

Now, that you know that both are inseparable, it is quite clear that you have to know the dual philosophy. It is a natural phenomenon or framework, that the Chinese have seen in nature around them. You must have noticed the symbol’s curved line. It represents each other’s interdependence on one another. The black and white dots, show the inner transformation potential. These are dynamic forces, that are opposite one another. However, they can exist in unison. Thus, the Chinese had come to the conclusion, after a lot of observation, that there is duality in everything. So, you can also say that apart from the physical world that we see, there is another non-physical world as well.

If you delve into the past, you will find that the symbol exists since the neolithic period. The Book of Changes or I Ching is also based on the same. The theory of Yin -Yang is also included in Daoism. Now, you may be more excited to know, what Yin means.

The Yin energy mainly resembles the earth energy. It is very receptive in nature and cool. You can associate it with female energy. Women are connected to this Yin energy. Just like the moon cycle, the menstrual cycle also starts after 28-day cycles. ‘Tian Gui’ is a manna-like substance that transforms a girl into a woman. When it comes together with the male energy, it creates another life. Additionally, the proponents of Chinese philosophy and Daoism, often associate it with the winter season.

Now, you should know about Yang, after gaining enough knowledge of Yin. Yang energy is predominantly male, and represents the sun. Summers are Yang. So, you can now understand, what Yin and Yang is mostly about. The light and darkness, seasons, and the elements are also segregated into Yin and Yang. Things may go haywire, if Yin and Yang are out of balance.

Repercussions of Yin-Yang When Not Balanced

There are various areas, that bears the brunt of the imbalance.

  • In Feng Shui – It is very similar to the Indian Vaastu Shastra. Feng Shui also works on the principles of Yin-Yang. It is the art and science of the placement of furniture inside the house or any other establishment. The wind represents Yang, while Yin represents water. When these two opposites are not balanced around you, your life can also get affected. Moreover, it also hampers the flow of the good energy called Qi, if Yin and Yang are not balanced. Otherwise, if they are in tandem with one another, you will experience good health, longevity, and proper finances.
  • In Chinese Medicine – Yin-Yang also has a huge effect when it comes to Chinese Medicine. Moreover, you can also call it the framework on which Chinese Medicine is based. Even the organs and meridians inside the body are governed by Yin and Yang.

So, you can come to the conclusion that Yin and Yang are a part of the very existence of all the living beings on earth, no matter they are plants or animals.

Yin In Yoga

These energies are also important, when it comes to balancing the mind. It also has a lot of relevance in yoga. Yin practices require one to hold the body in different poses, that give a good and deep stretch. It stretches the body till the very depths of the connective tissues and joints. You may have heard of Yin Yoga. The Yin Philosophy mainly drives the point. When you initially practice Yin Yoga, you may be subjected to a lot of discomfort. However, it is actually a part of the practice. If you think about the Yang practices, they are more dynamic in nature. Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga can be considered as Yang practices.

Yin yoga has a lot of power to impact you both physically and mentally. This is a relaxed and more passive form of yoga, which requires you to hold the body postures for 5 minutes. Some of the seasoned practitioners can also hold postures till 10 minutes if so. It is very cooling and grounding in nature. You can also meditate in these postures. That is what Yin Yoga is all about. The yoga form, can take your life to another level altogether. If you are one of those, who do not like outward show or cannot contort the body into odd shapes dynamically, then this is for you.  It is the perfect treatment for all those, who do not want to get under the pressures of busy lives.

Moreover, you can also get relief from an imbalance of emotions, boost your blood circulation, and improve sleep. That is why, most sedentary lifestyle-based people are looking for such modalities today.

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