Yoga Poses to try for Strong Triceps

People frequently concentrate on developing their biceps, the bulkier part of their arms, when they think of strong, toned arms. However, the three-headed triceps muscles in the back of your arms are equally crucial. So that you know, your triceps connects your shoulder to your elbow joint on the back of your arm.

These supporting muscles connect your arms and the rest of your upper body, even though your biceps take up the majority of space on your arms.

Your upper body will become more robust and stable as your triceps grow.

The triceps and biceps produce the most vigorous forearm movements. The triceps is the only muscle found on the back of the upper arm and is a three-headed structure. The long head, lateral head, and medial head are the three heads. The same tendon, which inserts at the olecranon process of the ulna, receives attachment from all three heads, despite their different points of origin.

The origin locations are as follows:

* Long head – scapular glenoid cavity’s lower edge

* Posterior humerus and lateral head

* Short head, extending distally to the backward two-thirds of the humerus.

Although the triceps is the muscle that extends the elbow (and arm), it also functions as a weak mover for other upper-body movements.

For instance, the long head functions as a weak extensor of the shoulder because it arises from the scapula.

Improved range of motion results from stronger triceps, and these smaller muscles operate covertly and behind the scenes. Functional movements like lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying become simpler with stronger triceps.


You can strengthen your upper body and get back to your best with the help of these six arm-strengthening yoga poses. Keep in mind that these poses aim to increase your strength gradually. You’ll see a difference with effort and time.

Plank pose
    1. Plank Pose

Plank is crucial for improving the strength and endurance of the triceps, even though it may not appear to be a muscle-building exercise. The plank position is one of the most well-liked plank exercises for people looking to strengthen their upper body because it works the triceps and the core.

  • To work your shoulders and biceps, begin on your forearms and advance until your shoulders are precisely above your wrists.
  • To activate the core, the body’s primary energy source, raise the torso while maintaining a straight back.
  • Hold a plank position on your forearms for a few breaths. Straighten your arms as you press your hands to the ground with your fingers.
  • You can slightly adjust your sight by lowering your neck and jaw. To strengthen your upper body, hold the position for five breaths.
Dolphin Pose
    1. Dolphin pose

Your forearms will move from a plank to a downward dog in this dynamic position. It works the shoulders and core to maintain stability and control throughout the exercise, strengthening the triceps.

  • When on all fours, keep your arms parallel to the ground and slowly lower each forearm one at a time. Use your forearms to grasp the mat firmly.
  • After exhaling, tuck your toes, raise your hips, and repeat. Keep your knees slightly bent while lengthening your spine. Next, tighten your abdominal muscles and extend your legs.
  • Move slowly and with caution. The pose’s benefits will be maximized as a result of improving the connection between movement and breath.
  • Refrain from excessive forward shoulder collapse. Continually apply pressure to the forearms.
Side plank
    1. Side plank

The side plank stance, named for the teacher Sage Vasishtha, whose name means “most wonderful,” puts our triceps strength to the test. This position emphasizes anatomical symmetry by stacking the bones and engaging the stabilizing muscles, much like the plank pose.

  • Begin in the Downward Dog position. Bring your hips forward and stand in a plank position with your shoulders over your hands and wrists.
  • From the plank position, shift your entire weight to one arm by pressing your fingers into it. Place the opposite shoulder over the supporting wrist.
  • Roll onto your right foot while placing your left foot on top of your right foot. Firmly press the outside of your foot into the mat for more support.
  • Apply pressure to the ribs and hips with the hand holding you up.
  • You should raise your left arm and follow with your eyes.
Four-limbed staff pose
    1. Four-limbed staff pose

The four-limbed staff pose prepares you for more challenging arm balances by toning your core, triceps, chest, and back. You can perform chaturanga while seated with your knees on the floor until you feel more confident holding the pose. You can also tie a yoga strap around your upper arms to help stabilize the body and keep it aligned while performing the pose.

  • Take a plank position to engage your core; while looking ahead, lean forward and sag down until your body is level with the ground.
  • The elbows you bend should be at a 90-degree angle with your arms. Keep your elbows close to your sides at all times.Keep your elbows and shoulders from touching.
  • Maintain a stable and lengthened spine while avoiding letting your hips sink or rise excessively.
  • As you dig your hands into the earth, your arm muscles expand, and your core, wrists, and legs all strengthen.
Adho mukha svanasana
    1. Downward-facing dog pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana, or the downward dog pose, will tone your triceps and shoulders. You can reduce arm fat by doing this pose regularly.

  • Start by adopting a straight stance and slightly spreading your feet.
  • Now lower yourself to the floor and place your hands there.
  • By advancing your hands, form an inverted V with them.
  • Ensure that your heels are firmly planted on the ground.
  • Keep your hands in this position for a minute, then walk them back and stand up again.


How long will it take for my arms to get toned?

To get toned arms, it might take about a month.To see results within six weeks, you must adhere to a strict exercise regimen emphasizing your upper arms and a healthy, balanced diet.

How frequently should I tone my triceps through yoga?

Three times minimum per week.Talk to your trainer to design an upper body workout tailored to your body.

Can skipping help lose arm fat and build strong triceps?

Yes.You tone your arms by carrying your weight and moving your arms in a circular motion while you skip.

Consider yoga training for the upper body. This routine should include moves for the deltoids, biceps, and triceps, as well as moves for the front and back of the upper arms (biceps curls) (lateral raises, military presses).

Bring your awareness inside your body, feel each muscle contract and relax, and match your breath to each movement to make your free-weight session as meditative as your yoga practice.

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