I Am Not Going To Gym, What Are The Yoga Poses For Strength?

There are numerous people, who love to go to the gym. When the gyms closed down during the pandemic, many gym lovers were disheartened. Once the gyms resumed operations, everyone rejoiced. There are a number of reasons, why people love to go to gyms. One of the primary reasons, why people love to go to the gym, is due to the strength building part. Some of you may love the community environment. According to the authorities, all adults must indulge in at least 60 minutes of physical activity. Apart from aerobics, you must indulge in strength training as well. These two together can give all the muscle groups a thorough workout.

But, what if, you are not a gym-going person? However, you may want the same effects. So, in that case, yoga is a great option.

Yoga For Strength Building

You can start looking for yoga classes, near you. There are quite a few poses, which can teach you about strength building and balance, as well. Yoga can help you in building strength and flexibility, both. So, that is a boon in disguise. Very few people know about the mystic qualities of yoga. Yoga has two sides to it. One is the flex, and the other is the vigorous side. You can build both flexibility, as well as strength, if you practice yoga on a regular basis. You can also join the yoga teacher training in rishikesh, to learn about yoga in a better manner.

The teachers at the schools like Shree Hari Yoga School can help you to master the nuances of such strength-building yoga poses. If you start practicing on a consistent basis, you can strengthen the major muscle groups, like legs, arms, core, and back. Additionally, you can also create an impact on the smaller muscle groups. If you are an intermediate yoga practitioner, you can start strength building with more complicated poses. In the case of yoga, the biceps and triceps will take some time to bulge. You cannot be fast, with yoga. The strengthening qualities of yoga, also tends to strengthen the mind. You will find your will power and power of perseverance increasing, day by day. You will also discover, that you can get hold over the activities of the mind, with constant yoga practice.

The gym offers lots of ways to bulk up, and surprisingly, so does yoga. The only difference is that, it is not so evident. It falls under body weight lifting, to be precise. In yoga, most arm balance poses are related to body weight lifting. So, you get the same results as weight lifting in the gym.

If you want to build strength, like you do at the gym, you should indulge in fast-paced yoga. Dynamic styles are better than, static ones. Today, you will learn about a few dynamic yoga poses, which promise to give the same effects as that of the gym.

Yoga Poses Decoded

  • Plank Pose – It is one of the top poses, which can help you to build strength. You have to start with all fours. The shoulders should be over the hands, and the hips and ankles should be aligned almost parallel to the floor. You have to support your torso on your hands, with the palms resting on the floor. You have to draw the belly inside, toward the spine. You have to take on the high push-up form. Keep the pushing the floor, and imagine pushing the heels towards an imaginary wall. You can continue to stay in this pose for 5 breath counts. If you are a beginner, take more time to perfect your stance, while supporting the entire weight of the body on the arms. The whole core will become more powerful.
  • Downward Facing Dog pose – The downward facing dog pose, is another great yoga pose for all those, who are looking to build strength. You have to start on all fours as usual. The hips should be above the knees and the shoulders should be above the wrists. The hands have to move a bit ahead of the shoulders, for added support. You have to engage the belly in this pose, while tucking the toes inside, on exhalation. Spread the collar bones, and try to lengthen the spine as well. Relax the base of the neck. Straighten the legs completely, while moving back and forth. The heels should lie flat on the floor, for maximum impact. Stay in this position for 5 breath counts. To release yourself from this pose, you have to go down on all fours and then navigate into Balasana, and then relax fully.
  • Chair Pose – The chair pose is another pose, which you must try out. You can start with Tadasana, before you navigate into this pose. You need to exhale, while bending the knees and making your buttocks jut out. You have to take the stance of sitting on a chair, although imaginary. You need to balance your body on the feet firmly planted on the ground. Inhale and slowly raise the hands upwards, above the head. You have to strive to reach higher, as if trying to touch the ceiling. After staying in the position for some time, you can go back to Tadasana. Learn about the asanas in complete detail from the learned teachers at Shree Hari Yoga School.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga may be an excellent choice for all the yoga practitioners. You will likely be able to build strength over a period of time. As already said earlier, it is a great functional strength training exercise. If you want to increase your muscle mass, you can add a few extra weights and resistance bands to your regimen. In this manner, you can reach your goals faster.

A yogic lifestyle can help you to build strength, as well as balance. You can take guidance from the renowned teachers at the yoga school in Rishikesh. Use the arms and upper body, to increase the strength of all the muscle groups, including core muscles. Then you do not have to go to the gym, any more.

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