Poses To Perform After Sitting All Day

There are few people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, there are people, who are working at their desk all day long. In both cases, lethargy can set in. Apart from all the stress and tension, which is an inseparable part of our life, you may develop physical issues here. However, there is nothing to worry, when you have the best yoga classes in India.

Yoga is one of the top holistic sciences, which has managed to create a lasting impression on our lives. So, you will find solace in the practice, no matter how you do it. Yoga sciences are a flexible set of practices. You do not need to be perfect in it, like other practices. Moreover, it has the power to strengthen your body as well as mind. You can get over lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar in no time, if you follow the Yogic principles. If you are sitting all day, at a single location, it may lead to various kinds of diseases. Your muscles will also develop a lot of tension, as well. Yoga poses have been designed to relieve the stress and tension from your body. It is a mind-body-soul practice which can rejuvenate you, inside out. Here are a few poses, or asanas which can help you to undo the damage created by a sedentary lifestyle.

Poses To Perform After Leading A Stationary Life

You will come across various yoga postures for beginners, as well. So, there is nothing to be scared off, if you never did yoga before. The poses that we are going to discuss about are easy, and you can practice them a few times, to get that perfection.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana

It is also called Downward Facing Dog pose. You can afford to do only one yoga pose, and still get benefitted from it. This is a pose, which relaxes you, as the flow of blood increases, as you hang the head below the level of the body. It also stretches the body and strengthens it. Your body will resemble an inverted V, when you are in this pose. You have to start the pose or asana, by taking the position, on your hands and knees. Slowly, exert pressure on the floor below, with the limbs, and propel yourself up. The buttocks should be up in the sky. Spread your fingers on the floor, so as to balance the body properly. Likewise, you have to tuck the tailbone inside, while you are practicing the pose. This pose will help in lessening the tension in your neck and shoulders. If you are sitting all day long, with legs bent, this pose will give you relief. Your wrists and hands will also get a good workout.

  • Uttanasana

All kinds of forward fold asanas are extremely good for overall health. It mainly gives the feeling of release to any individual. You will also get a deep shoulder stretch, when you do this asana or pose. To get the benefits of this asana, you ought to stand with your feet at a distance of 1 foot from each other. Slowly bend down from the hips. You can bend the knees a little, if you are a beginner. In that case, you can allow the body to unwind a bit. This will also take the strain from your back. You can also add the arm bind, from the back. This is help in the additional stretching of the shoulders. You can also practice, it with the arms outstretched in front of you, wherein you have to touch the feet. If you have stiff shoulders, then you can also take a belt in your hand, while doing the arm binding at the lower back position. This is one of the best asanas, after sitting all day. The blood flow towards the brain also increases, in the case of this asana.

  • Baddha Konasana

It is also called the Bound angle pose. You can open up the groin area and the hip muscles, if you practice this asana. It also eases Sciatica discomfort. You have to sit on the yoga mat, with the legs bent at the knees, and the soles of the feet touching one another. Spread the legs as much as you can, to exert maximum pressure on the pelvis. Grasp the soles of the feet, with both hands, and try to pull them inside the body, towards the perineum. After you are settled in this position, you will flap the legs, like the wings of a butterfly. Sciatica is one of the common pain points, if you sit in a stationary position, all day long. Long travel time during office hours, can also make it worse. If you practice this asana, you will be freeing up the lower part of the body.

  • Kapotasana

You can also call it the resting pigeon pose. If you lead a sedentary life, then this will be an excellent asana for you. You can join the yoga training at Shree Hari Yoga School, to get all the myriad benefits of the asanas. For now, let us delve into the nuances of this pose. The hips will get a lot of release, if you do this pose. Moreover, you can also make the glutes do some work. Start on all fours as usual, with such table top poses. Slowly, you have to stretch one leg at the back, and fold the other one at the knee, in a cross-legged manner. All this while, support your body weight on your hands. When you are settled, with one leg stretching backwards, and the other leg folded inside the body, below the anus, you need to fold forward from the hips, and then lay your head on the hands. Fold the hands on top of one another, for maximum comfort. If you hold this pose for some time, you can feel the stretch literally.

Do more such poses, with some guidance from the eminent teachers of yoga. Spend at least 30 minutes either in the morning, or after you return from work, to free up the body. You will be reaping the benefits all day long, the next day.

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