Yogic Breathing Exercises Can Lower The Risk Of Alzheimer

The benefits of yoga have proven to be far-reaching. In recent times, the world has woken up to its advantages. It is a very spiritual way to deal with the inconsistencies of life, in general. Yoga has shown efficacy against physical illnesses as well as mental conditions. Alzheimer’s may be one of them. You will come across various yoga centres, which offer mental relaxation and stress reduction today. Shree Hari Yoga School is one of them.

Yoga therapy is one of the ancient sciences that is under constant review by Western medicine practitioners. The reason being, that allopathy has still not come up with a cure for certain diseases. Psychiatrists have been relying on the healing powers of yoga, for a long time. Yoga has come out as a sure winner, as it offers physical wellness and mental calmness as well. Apart from the physical improvements, cognitive and emotional improvements are the results, that many have seen so far. The best part is, that science backs these claims.

Now, let us first find out, what Alzheimer’s is all about.

Alzheimer’s Disease

It is basically a brain disorder, which slowly destroys the patient’s memory and thinking skills. So, the incumbent is not able to perform, the simple tasks of life. It is a disease, which starts showing its symptoms in the 60s. Alzheimer’s is also the main trigger for Dementia. A study of the brain revealed, plaques and tangles inside the brain tissues. This is the main medical revelation of the disease. Additionally, there is a loss of connectivity between the neurons in the brain. Neurons are responsible for the transfer of messages between different parts of the brain, and also between the brain to the muscles and other parts of the body. The damage starts from the cortex and affects the areas responsible for language, reasoning, and behavioral outcomes.

Those who are affected by this disease, are at a loss for words, when speaking to someone. Moreover, such people will not be able to perform everyday tasks. They also get lost easily. Currently, there is no treatment or medicine, specially developed for Alzheimer’s. After a diagnosis, people live for 4-10 years, depending on the stage.

Role Of Yogic Breathing

Breathing yoga exercises have proven to be beneficial in such cases. Yoga schools in India are promoting yogic wellness for mental issues such as Alzheimer’s.

  • Ujjayi Pranayama is one of the breathing exercises, which you can practice, to manage the disease. It is a technique, in which the practitioner has to contract the glottis and breathe through the throat. You can combine it with bandhas and meditation as well. This Pranayama is responsible for increasing the oxygen level in the brain. The regular practice of Ujjayi breathing, also reduces the activities of the sympathetic nervous system. On the other hand, it increases the activities of the parasympathetic nervous system. You will also experience a reduction in stress. That is why, doctors suggest patients with the symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s, to practice such techniques.
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing is another breathing practice, in the realm of yoga, which you can practice for Alzheimer’s disease. This form of breathing practice helps in maintaining a balance between both hemispheres of the brain. Moreover, it also improves mental focus. You can perform this Pranayama, by forming the Vishnu mudra with the hands. The index finger and middle finger are placed on the Third eye, between the eye brows. The thumb controls the opening and closing of the right nostril, while the little finger controls the left nostril. Initially, you have to close the right nostril, and exhale through the left nostril. Thereafter, you have to inhale through the left nostril. Close the left one after that, and open the right nostril, and exhale. Then, you have to perform the same cycle again.
  • Brahmari Pranayama is another breathing exercise, which you practice as well. The exhalations will be much longer than the inhalation. Additionally, you are supposed to let out a humming sound, similar to that of the bees. It facilitates the reduction of hyper arousal. You can also add chanting to such practices. This elevates the effectiveness, to a huge extent.

This is one of the best Yogic breathing exercises. Such breathing exercises can affect the brain cells positively. Find out more about the same.

Benefits Of Yogic Breathing In Detail

  • Slow breathing mainly drives the parasympathetic nervous system. In this process, it leads to a state of relaxation. The cerebral blood flow is also affected. The alpha, beta, and theta waves are affected, in response to various types of breathing.
  • Additionally, slow breathing also reduce the negative moods. It mainly does so, by reducing the physiological aspects of the sympathetic nervous system. Thus, reducing hyperventilation and hyper arousal. Although, such techniques cannot control the symptoms of mental illness fully, they can still mitigate the responses.

If you enrol yourself in one of the yoga courses in Rishikesh, you will find the best guidance from the teachers there.

Asana Practices

Apart from the above breathing or Pranayama exercises, you can also engage in some asanas. Seniors can also practice asanas, as a preventative option.

  • Vrikshasana is one of the yoga poses, which can prove useful. It improves balance and stability, apart from strengthening the feet and muscles. Thus, the seniors will be able to navigate properly and engage in activities, to keep themselves happy.
  • Bhujangasana is another pose, which you can practice in order to soothe the mind and reduces heat. You will be able to give your body a good stretch as well. Stiffness will also vanish in no time, if you practice it regularly.

As a patient of Alzheimer’s, if you are in the first or middle stage, then the above practices will help you in managing the signs and symptoms. Always practice such kriyas and activities, under the guidance of a yoga teacher. Maintaining the guidelines, while practicing the yogic breathing exercise or asanas, will lead to advantages. On the contrary, wrong alignments can prove to be disadvantageous. Shree Hari Yoga School is one of the best places, to learn such exercises.

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