I Am Unable To Perform Ideal Pose

Every yoga practitioner may feel this way. You walk inside a yoga class, and you also start doing the poses. At first, you may find that it is quite easy to do yoga poses like Tadasana, Vrikshasana, or Sukhasana. However, with each passing day or class, you may find it hard to catch up. Come on, you are not alone. This happens to most yoga learners, in the initial times.

There are a few reasons, why you can be in the same situation as explained above. Let us find out, why you are unable to perform the ideal pose.

Reasons Why You Are Unable To Do The Ideal Pose

  • The first reason, why it could be so, is that you are breathing in the incorrect manner. You may not be expanding your abdominal area, to accommodate air, when inhaling. On the other hand, you may be holding your breath, while changing your positions. Many yoga learners also tighten their muscles while changing positions. This is something, which you need to forego. In yoga, you have to breathe rhythmically. When you expand your position or widen your arms, or bend the back, you have to inhale. And, when you fold forward, to touch the feet, you must exhale. As you exhale, your belly air gets released. So, you have ample space to fold downward. That is the key.
  • Many of you may be striving to perform the ideal pose. There is no ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal’ pose in yoga. You must do what is useful for your body. Moreover, you should not try to emulate the others. Capabilities differ from one person to another. There is nothing ideal as such. Some people often drop out of yoga courses, believing they are not flexible enough. Such people may think, that it is easier to go to the gym. However, gym activities are better for strength, not flexibility. So, you are actually going wrong there.
  • Now, there is another or rather a combination of factors affecting some people. One is called tension, and the other one is compression. The resistance of your body’s tissues is called tension. Whereas, the latter arises due to bone-to-bone friction, bone-to-muscle friction, or bone-to-flesh friction. So, the way out of such a situation, is to explore the body through various variations and modifications. Take for example, during backbends, you may feel a lot of resistance, while going backward. It is when the bones hit the tissues. When it comes to squats, you may face a similar position. There is a point when the heels float upwards. The tightness in the groin area is to be blamed for this movement of the heels. However, there is a cure for all of the above issues. You have to go on performing the same pose again and again, unless, the muscles loosen up. At Shree Hari Yoga School, you can learn how to do the poses, as per guidelines. The teachers will help you in your transformation.
  • Some people may have issues while entering that ideal pose, which does not really exist. However, it is still in your mind. You may have joined the yoga classes, with certain expectations from the class and yourself. There are a few people, who want to have it easy. Such people never engaged in aerobics or some exercise but plunged into yoga. So, it is evident, that you will have several issues while attempting yoga. The muscles may be quite tight, so you may not be able to do the poses. That is why, there are light exercises in yoga, called ‘Sukshma Vyama’. If you engage in these light exercises, you can loosen the muscles. That is when, you will find it easier to get into various yoga poses.
  • Your mind-set may also be at fault. Many people are scared to get into difficult yoga poses, like Hanuman asana, or Sirsh It is due to this fear of falling down and hurting, that one cannot do these poses. However, if you get the right guidance from the beginning, you will be able to perform these yoga poses. Feeling confident in your skin, will help you to gain the expertise to enter any pose. The mind often tends to judge the situation, and makes it difficult for the practitioner. Your mind may say, that ‘you are doing things wrong’, and make you feel ashamed. If this is the case, you should engage in meditation and Pranayama to fix things up.

The best way to overcome challenges, is to practice thoroughly. Then only, you will be able to perform the poses, with minimal effort. Mind-set is also very important in such a situation.

Misconceptions That You Need To Clear

  • Believe that you are flexible, mentally. Then only, it will translate into physical flexibility.
  • Do not worry about your weight. Fat people can do some excellent poses. When you do relaxing poses, then the body can increase its metabolism. So, you get slimmer with time.
  • Now, there is another misconception that you need to clear. Yoga is expensive, and that is something that may hold you back. However, if you happen to learn yoga in one of the best yoga schools in India, you can do so in less. In Western countries, yoga may be expensive. To top it, you will only learn the physical side of it. However, you can learn authentic yoga in India.
  • You may also have the wrong notion that you have to invest in expensive yoga attire. Some people will tell you to wear tight clothes for comfort. However, it is not so. You can just wear loose and comfortable clothing while doing yoga. White and beige are the colours to choose, as they can make you feel pure.
  • Stop thinking, about other people’s judgments and looks. They really do not matter. Ultimately it is about your body. You should feel comfortable in what you do. It is a fact that others may also be struggling, just like you. So, stop feeling conscious.

If you are able to remove the above misconceptions from your mind, you will be able to do better yoga. At least you will stop feeling shy and under confident. The best yoga classes are held at Shree Hari Yoga School. So, enrol for a teacher training course in India. Once you join the classes, your mind will transform.

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