Yin Yoga

Budha had said that, “If the body is not cultivated, the mind cannot be cultivated”. When regularly practised or cultivated you experience one thing which leads to a new version of the life. You will experience the deep spiritual intention, peace in mind  with clear thoughts, focused vision, wisdom culmination. Yin yoga teacher training leads to a happy life forever.  And what is that one thing? Mindfulness centered within the Self.

The terms “yin” and “yang” are labels that convey the polarities that occur in
the natural world. While differentiating between Yin and Yang, they are seen as “shadyside side and sunny side of the mountain” respectively.

To make it simpler, think of the two different and opposite labels – like hot and cold, dark and light, day and night. Things that are slow, cool, hidden, and dark are traditionally labelled as yin in nature. Likewise, things that are warm, apparent, bright, and fast are traditionally labeled as yang in nature. Using this labeling we can say that yin is the slower styles of  yoga while yang is the faster style of yoga. 

Of particular note, is the fact that a yin yoga practice often facilitates a deeper understanding of the self, meditative calm and facilitation of the parasympathetic nervous system – and these – and these things would all be in the “yin” category using the aforementioned labeling system.

What does a student experience in a Yin Yoga teacher training class?
As with any other style of yoga, each yoga class is as unique as the person
teaching it, but there are many general practices that each yin yoga class will incorporate:

Almost all of the postures are practiced on the floor (or using the wall for
Most of the postures target the hips, legs, and spine
The student finds an edge of therapeutic and non-threatening intensity in the
posture then stays for a period of time (2-5 minutes on average).
The physical goal of the practice is to enhance the range of motion that has been limited by our history, postural patterns, or previous injuries
The postures are practiced in stillness (without reactive fidgeting)
The student comes out of the posture slowly and carefully, resting briefly

There is often a profound experience of both physical relaxation and emotional
release and/or stability

Our Yin Yoga and Meditation classes in our relaxed natural Yoga hall environment offers a truly unique relaxation experience. So if you suffer from any of the following then you will benefit from our Multistyle Yoga classes wich include Hatha, Iyengar and Yin Yoga.:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • insomnia, sleep problems
  • irritable bowel
  • tension headache and migraineCalm down now
  • overthinking, worry, constant thought
  • stress
  • high blood pressure
  • adrenal fatigue
  • fibromyalgia
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Ans.  :  We welcome you to India with warm greetings and love. Shree Hari Yoga offers free pickups from the nearest airport for our yoga students. For that, you need to inform us 2 days before about your flights so that we can arrange it in advance.

Ans. : To start your yoga training you don’t need any prior experience. You can join 200 hr yoga training without completing 100 hr yoga teacher training. Shree Hari Yoga helps you to recover and have a proper yoga practice.

Ans. : We are glad to know that you want to join the yoga teacher training. Please write an mail to us at namaste@shreehariyoga.in. You can also fill our Enroll form directly and we will reach you shortly.

Ans. : You will be provided a t-shirt from Shree Hari Yoga and it is compulsory to wear it during yoga practice. Shree Hari t-shirts will be free including Shree Hari, notepad, etc.

Ans. : You come 1 day before the classes begin and that night will be chargeable. To join the orientation program is compulsory, will be held on 1st day of classes at 11’O Clock.

Ans. : We do not take many students in any batch. To focus individualy we prefer 12 to 15 students in one group.

Ans. : We know that after doing yoga practice it requires more energy. At Shree Hari Yoga we offer 3 organic meals per day. We bought fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market that will give instant energy to you. We do not allow outside food in Yogashala, you can have it outside. Nearby places you will get pure vegetarian food. We offer enough diet that you will not require to go out for food.