Yoga Teacher Training

Do you intend to teach yoga?

Yoga is a beneficial exercise that improves the health of our body, mind, and spirit. It is a great aspect to include if you want to live more happily and optimistically.

Given how well-liked yoga has become recently, it is clear that many people are eager to become experts in the discipline.

Yoga teacher training will unquestionably alter your life, whether you opt to practice yoga for leisure or as a profession. Considering this fresh perspective in this unconventional form of learning is crucial because both teacher and student want to verify their relationship with one another.


  • Improve your physical training

Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about yoga’s physiology and how it impacts your body biologically. Maybe you want to improve your concentration, self-awareness, and awareness of your alignment and how your body feels while doing yoga. It’s possible that you wish to learn more about different styles of meditation to supplement your yoga practice or need extra assistance with breathwork.

During a yoga teacher training course, your instructor (or instructors) will have the opportunity to provide you with extremely detailed feedback on how you are practicing asanas and how particular positions help your body, and you’ll undoubtedly learn different types of breathing methods and meditation variants.

  • Promotes structural coherence

Despite your best efforts, family, work, a lack of energy, and the busyness of our lives might interfere with our attempts to practice yoga regularly. By enrolling in a yoga teacher training program, you start along the path of structural learning and have the best conditions for studying yoga.

  • Study philosophy more thoroughly

The yoga teacher training program will familiarise you with yogic theory and literature in addition to helping you explore yoga philosophy in greater depth. The Yamas, niyamas, and many Ayurvedic philosophies are only a few subjects in the yoga teacher program. These texts offer light on the development of yoga and remind practitioners of its original goal by supplying the context behind ancient beliefs and practices that represent the true meaning of yoga.

  • Feel more confident after the yoga teacher training course

A yoga teacher training program is quite difficult. But you’ll have the support you need from your yoga instructor and the group of other students you’re taking the course with to get through, over, and around those difficulties, so you may advance as a yogi and a person.

It will enable you to identify strengths you didn’t realize you had, work on shortcomings (physical, mental, or emotional), and strengthen your sense of self and identity. Additionally, regular physical activity will enable you to determine your true level of strength.

  • Enhance your capacity for compassion

Some people don’t have the emotional space or energy to be sympathetic toward others because they are so preoccupied with their own life. In a yoga teacher training course, you will study and put into practice the ideas of metta, or lovingkindness, and Ashima, eliciting feelings of compassion.

You’ll discover how to be kind and kind to everyone, including strangers and family members. However, the most crucial lesson you will learn is how to have compassion for yourself.

  • You’ll learn self-care in the yoga teacher training program.

Regular self-care is emphasized in a yoga teacher training program. Self-care shouldn’t be reserved for the weekend or something exceptional you do only occasionally. You ought to incorporate it into your routine to encourage mental, emotional, and physical health.

  • Yoga teacher training programs impart awareness of oneself

You develop as a person by incorporating new routines, adventures, skills, and pastimes into your life during the yoga teacher training course. It also helps evaluate your ideas, feelings, relationships, possessions, activities, and obligations to determine if they are beneficial to you or detrimental. You will improve in all that you do by becoming aware of who you are as a person, independent of responsibilities and relationships, and also carry it forward after the program.

  • Develop your teamwork and problem-solving skills

Most yoga teacher training sessions take place in small groups, and the entire curriculum provides plenty of opportunities for team-building exercises. These exercises encourage participants’ cooperation, foster teamwork, and improve problem-solving skills.

  • Express more creatively

Students who have completed yoga teacher training have mentioned that their yoga practice has inspired them creatively. You change your thinking style and how you view the world as a result of learning new yoga asanas and techniques throughout yoga teacher training.

  • Establish long-lasting relationships

The strongest and perhaps most enduring treasure, according to the yoga teacher training course students, are the interpersonal ties created during and after the yoga teacher training course. The world’s top yoga schools bring together students and practitioners from all over, sparking intellectual and cultural exchange.

  • Embrace the feeling of satisfaction

It’s well recognized that taking part in a yoga teacher training program, or even just preparing for one, may truly change your life. Yoga practice affects us physically, cognitively, spiritually, and emotionally. Being a successful yoga teacher requires a lot of work, but the rewards are enormous personally. The many facets of the yoga practice provide practitioners a sense of fulfillment when their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being changes.

  • Once-in-a-lifetime experience

There’s a good chance that your path to yoga teacher certification will take you somewhere that genuinely fascinates you. To get the most out of everything, choose a location for your yoga teacher training that is rich in spiritual energy and flora.

The human race is fantastic. At Shree Hari Yoga, we are dedicated to assisting people in becoming the most radiant, attractive, and healthy individuals they can be. We work hard to give their pupils the direction, affection, and support they require.

  • Shree Hari Yoga is a pillar and innovator in yoga education. More than 50,000 certified yoga instructors have graduated from the prestigious Institute. The Householders have 100 years of experience teaching, studying, and training Ashtanga Yoga and its applications in daily life.
  • Simplified versions of challenging asanas, kriyas, pranayamas, and meditation help facilitate learning and comprehension.
  • Devoted and experienced yoga instructors are knowledgeable and skilled in their teaching areas. Yoga teaching and learning are experience-based, and students acquire first-hand exposure to the concepts taught by instructors who put what they are introducing into practice.
  • Yoga instructors foster a positive learning environment and build strong relationships with their charges. Each person receives individual attention to ensure that all questions and issues are resolved.
  • Spacious, airy classrooms guarantee that asanas be taught and learned in groups.
  • The lush green campus is a haven of peace and tranquility, with mango trees filled with fruit, squirrels running amok, and flowers and butterflies in full bloom—a serene setting ideal for yoga instruction. A strong reverence and positivity take over as you go through the gates.
  • On-campus libraries that are excellent. The library has a good selection of books, journals, research papers, in-house publications on yoga treatment, magazines, and other ready-reference materials on yoga and total health.
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