Your go-to Checklist before Enrolling in Yoga Teachers Training Course

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Are you planning to become a yoga instructor?

Well, it may seem like a daunting task to become a yoga instructor but it is not that tough. We have yoga teacher training checklist for you to make the right decision. In a fact, it is one of the most exciting experiences for you to embark on in your life!

Getting yourself trained can be incredibly gratifying even though you later decide not to use your certification for teaching yoga.

It will not only help you to prep up for teaching yoga but it will also help you with your personal growth remarkably.

The yoga world is constantly evolving and growing and that’s the virtue of it – your growth never ends.

Due to the growing popularity of yoga throughout the world, the number of yoga teacher training courses is also increasing.

Enrolling in a yoga teacher’s training program is a huge time, money and life commitment.

So how do you decide whether you are ready for taking up the training? And with so many different training schools and courses out there, how do you know which one is apt for you?

Worry no more! We’ve curated a yoga teacher training checklist for you that you can go through before signing up for a yoga instructor certification.

yoga teacher training checklist

Prepare yourself

A yoga teacher training is physically and emotionally challenging. A lot of things that you might have buried inside are likely to rise to the surface.

Are you ready to spend days engrossed in yoga? There will be times when you won’t be able to connect with your friends and family back home.

Make sure that you are willing to be away and disconnected from your routine life. An experience like this demands you to simply focus on yourself and surrender yourself to the pathway of spirituality.

Searching the right School

Now that you have prepared yourself physically and emotionally, the next subject is the right kind of school to enroll in. Is the school well-established? How many locations do they operate in? How many successful trainings have they completed?

Always remember that it is important to choose a well-known school and one that has a proven track record in offering courses.

It is also essential to look closely at the specifications of the course being offered – to ensure that there’s a proper balance between intellectual learning and practical knowledge.

Nowadays there are thousands of new schools offering training every year, so it’s in your best interest to distinguish between reputable schools, and newbies on the run who may not have a great deal of experience. Choose wisely!

Location matters

It may seem insignificant, but the location of your training plays a big role in your ability to grasp new things.

If you’ve decided to enroll in yoga teacher training, take a peek at the location and figure out if it’s a place you’d relish.

Some training courses are held at locations having pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

Remember, you’re making a financial investment – so why not experience places that you’ve always wanted to travel to (Rishikesh and Gokarna are both scenic beauties!).

Yoga Alliance Registry

Yoga Alliance is a globally recognized certification for yoga schools and teachers.

Yoga schools registered with yoga alliance will ensure that the teacher’s training course you enroll in matches the yoga teaching standards and that the training is led by qualified teachers.

Graduating from a Yoga Alliance registered school will boost your credibility and opens the door for you to teach yoga in centers across the globe.

To conclude

There might be several reasons for you to take up the training. It could be to study more about yoga, to increase your knowledge, or simply just to receive the certification.

Throughout the course, you may face challenges that will make you skeptical and make you want to give up.

That’s when you have to hold back those reasons and recall the purpose of this training for you.

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