Yoga teacher training course for confidence

We are all familiar with movies and TV shows that make city life look like a ramp walk in the best fashion show of the year; everyone’s confident and smiling.

4 Ways Yoga Can Help You Become More Confident

Even in the midst of conflict, the perfect hair flips deliver the punch. We are all also familiar with how different real life is.

In between work and social events, there is panic, anxiety, and very often, a lack of self-esteem.

Various factors lead to these emotional and bodily reactions, and here are 4 ways yoga can help you overcome them.

1.) Build Awareness

Yoga teacher training course for confidence

You may find yourself feeling unreasonably low at certain points of the day; a certain remark might make you anxious or very conscious of your perceived shortcomings.

Whatever it may be, the first step towards resolving it is becoming aware of the cause and your reaction to it.

Yoga helps you practice better control over your mind, spirit and body, and makes you aware of your potential as well as limitations.

Once you reach a balance, you are able to eliminate all negative thoughts and build your confidence on a strong foundation.

2.) Improve your Body Language

Yoga teacher training course for confidence

As you indulge in yoga, your mind will expand its horizons and your body will start to feel energised and more at ease with its surroundings.

This will reflect in your postures and mannerisms, and you will notice a significant difference in your body language.

3.) Self-soothing

Yoga teacher training course for confidence

Very often, we end up in severely unpleasant situations. The reactions vary from fight to flight, and confidence jumps out of the window.

In such events, it is important to know how to calm yourself and respond to your surroundings accordingly.

Yoga helps you concentrate on your breathing patterns, and makes the body follow the mind into a calm state.

Your mind and body begin to assess situations realistically once more, and you accept that nothing is as bad as it seems.

4.) Strengthen your Body & Mind

Yoga teacher training course for confidence

Yoga helps you reconcile your mind to your body, and strengthens each of them.  For example, the Warrior I-III (Virabhadrasana I-III) pose requires as much balance as strength.

You are required to focus on one point in front of you, and keep your breath even and slow as you exercise your body. 

Yoga teacher training course for confidence

The Forearm Plank (Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana) similarly builds your body’s core strength and requires you to concentrate as well.

Yoga teacher training course for confidence

The Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) needs you to trust your own instinct and body, and find a balance between the two. This pose is known to improve self-esteem significantly, as it urges one to synchronise their mind to their body and become more aware of each.

A good preparatory pose is for example Trikonasana.

Yoga teacher training course for confidence

These are some simple, and yet highly effective ways in which yoga can help you have a healthier and more confident body and mind. Enroll today for Shree Hari Yoga’s Teacher Training Courses and learn to embrace peace and confidence, and spread the knowledge to make a positive difference in lives all around you.

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