7 Tips on How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training Program in India.

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I remember my mother saying, “Tadasana is good if you want to be tall like a superhero.” Back then, my mother was my yoga teacher. She trained me on the essentials of some important Asanas for the development of my body and mind. 

A Yoga Teacher training program plays a vital role in transforming the lives of others. The process not only deepens our wisdom, but it also gives us more joy and fulfillment in life. At Shree Hari Yoga Institute India, the student can get familiarized with the various teachings of yoga and meditation.

Questions About Yoga Teacher Training Courses?

But before hitting the mat with some yoga teacher training programs, let’s consider some essential tips for a perfect yoga retreat in India.

Below, you will find 7 tips on how to choose a yoga teacher training program. 

Tip 1: Make Sure The Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance Certified.

As an international governing body of yoga, Yoga Alliance has defined and set the standards for yoga teacher training programs around the world. 

If you find yourself wanting to explore more about the best yoga teacher training in India, before joining any yoga teacher training, you should learn if the institute is Yoga Alliance Certified. Otherwise, you won’t be qualified for insurance.

There are a plethora of non-accredited programs running but it is always better to do the certification under the direction of any stipulated body.

Learn more about Yoga Alliance Certificate. 

Tip 2: Get to Know The Instructors!

Take some to learn more about the teachers at the yoga teacher training schools. There are many yogis who are able to share their teachings. Some have the experience and have also attained a Yoga Alliance Certification.

Yoga teachers with higher experience may help in expanding the knowledge of Asanas. This information can be useful when comparing the top YTTC schools and helps when choosing the best yoga teacher training institute among all others.

Tip: You can also request a class tour before taking up the course.

Tip 3: Study The Program’s History.

Many Yoga Teacher Training centers have been conducting extensive programs around the world. Few yoga centers have been doing it for years, thus maintaining the trust and quality of the program.

If the program holds a strong legacy, this provides the assurance of its quality.

But, even if the program is Yoga Alliance Certified, you should practice diligence by starting with a thorough background check of the Yoga training center. You should also:

  • Read their positive and negative reviews.
  • Go through the website and learn how the program works.
  • Contact the team before joining any teaching training classes.
  • Follow their social media channels to learn more.

We invite you to check out our Google Reviews for Shree Hari Yoga Institute.

Tip 4: Double-Check The Location of Your Training Program.

Make sure the location of the yoga teacher training school is valid and that it is a safe place to stay. Yoga institutes are typically located on the outskirts of the city for a peaceful and healthy environment, but this is not always safe.

Also, go through the accommodation facilities provided by the best yoga teacher training school only if it is suitable for you.

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Tip 5: Evaluate The Course Syllabus.

This is the most crucial aspect of selecting a yoga teacher training program. Yoga is not only about remembering the steps of Asanas, but it’s also about understanding the science behind it. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a program that is packaged with all the required practices.

A solid understanding of the course will not only transform your own practice into one that is ideal for a specific body, but it also enables you to bring much more consciousness when teaching in public and in private classes.

Knowing about your body and its movements is going to pay off in the long run, so this is really important for your program.

Tip 6: Go Through The Program’s Daily Schedule.

Consider the curriculum of the training and check if it fits with your schedule or not. An immersion program like a yoga teacher training retreat is highly recommended for training as it doubles your learning, and you will move forward with momentum.

Tip 7: Run a Cost Check

Last but not least, while selecting a yoga teacher training program, keep in mind to compare prices with the number of services provided by the institute. Also, make sure to compare your spending with the number of your future earnings. Remember that more expensive does not always mean better.

In the end, it’s all about you. It is up to you how much time, energy, and money you are planning to invest in your program.

You should take your time to reflect on what you want and what you need from a Teacher Training course. Once you consider the above points, you will have a clear idea and make the right choice before you select the best yoga teacher training program for you.

If you have already taken yoga teacher training, what would you add to our list?

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