All About Third Eye Chakra & How To Unlock Its Power

Do you want to know all about your third eye chakra and how to unlock its power?  This Ajna Chakra (Sanskrit: आज्ञा, IAST: Ājñā), or third-eye chakra, is the sixth primary chakra in the body according to Hindu tradition. It is so-called a part of the brain, near your pineal gland.  You can learn this in your Yoga teacher training Course or Yoga retreat. This chakra can be made more powerful through your daily meditation, pranayama, yoga asanas, kriya yoga, and other spiritual practices just as you train your muscles.

Our mind is always looking for proof. We need proof of everything. Love, friendship, trust… We need proof that things are the way we think from scriptures, books, video clips, documentaries, teachers, family, or other people and groups. Constantly we are looking for proof. But yoga is when you drop this. Then alone you can abide in yourself. You don’t need proof to logic is very limited the same with enlightenment. If we release this Vritti, this activity of our mind, we are going towards discovering our real self. Do you need proof of where you are right now? You see with your eyes the landscape, smell the air, feel the cold or warmness and you think you might have proven it. Your senses need proof, but you don’t need your senses to prove where you are right now. This is very delicate, I know. Your senses can fool you. Maybe you think you are in India but in reality, you are already in Nepal. You just crossed the border without knowing it. … If you are beyond your senses, you know, I am, I exist.

If you abide in yourself you don’t need to prove anything. Truth cannot be understood through proof. A proof is beyond proving. Anything that we can prove we can also disproof. God can not be proved, nor can you disprove God. The proof is connected to logic and logic is very limited in its preview. Same with enlightenment, same with love. Love cannot be proofed or disproved. Someone’s actions and behavior are not proof of love. Many movie actors and actresses, all exhibit a lot of love, but they just show it, isn’t it? But they play it very well so that we believe them, without feeling it, without living it. Our Self is beyond all this proof. Proof is one of the main activities on the mind.

If you learn to understand your mind, you will learn to control your mind step by step. It is an ongoing process of practice, respect, learning, and understanding.

The Ajna Chakra is located between the eyebrows, and behind your forehead. The function of the third eye chakra is controlled by the principle of openness and imagination. This can be only reached through daily yoga practice. Ajna is the most common Sanskrit name for the Third eye chakra and means “command” & “perceiving”. A yogi who has passed through the Vishuddha Chakra at the throat to the Ajna Chakra crosses the five elements and becomes freed from the bondage of time-bound consciousness. This is where the I-consciousness is absorbed into super-consciousness. Some Gurus call it Christ-consciousness.

Your personal behavior and vibration frequency could be the one thing holding you back to awaken this consciousness. You can change this only with a constantly regular practice of Yoga. Do your morning Asanas, pranayama and meditation. Learn this skill. After you will learn this practice, your Tapas (endurance, acceptance) without crumbling, you will get a glimpse of your real self, your energy and so much more will be revealed. Svadhyaya self-study is part of your yogic life. It is the second step of Kriya Yoga. It will give you rise to Samadhi, equanimity. Tapas makes you strong, willingly you through a lot which is not easy. People go to different extents. Tapas in the mind is as important as tapas for your body. If one is not strong enough, you will give up after some time.

Behavioral characteristics of the Third eye chakra

The third eye chakra is associated with the following psychological and behavioral characteristics:

  • Vision
  • Intuition
  • Perception of subtle dimensions and movements of energy
  • Psychic abilities related to clairvoyance and clairaudience especially
  • Access to mystical states, illumination
  • Connection to wisdom, insight
  • Motivates inspiration and creativity

The third eye chakra is an instrument to perceive the more subtle qualities of reality. It goes beyond the more physical senses into the realm of subtle energies. Awakening your third eye allows you to open up to an intuitive sensibility and inner perception.

This will connect us with a different way of seeing and perceiving things. The third eye chakra’s images are hard to describe verbally. It needs to be experienced. It puts us in touch with the inexpressible and the indefinable, unexplainable more closely. Third-eye visions are also often more subtle than regular visions. They may appear a bit “blurry”, ghost-like, cloudy, or dream-like. Sometimes, however, the inner visions might be clear as a movie playing in front of your eyes.

Sustaining awareness of third eye chakra energy might require focus and the ability to relax into a different way of seeing. When we focus our mind and consciousness, we can see beyond the distractions and illusions that stand before us and have more insight to live and create more deeply aligned with our highest good. A good tool to learn to focus on is Trataka meditation. The third eye chakra is associated with the archetypal dimensions, as well as the realm of spirits.

Third eye chakra imbalance

When the Third eye chakra has an imbalance, it can manifest as:

  • Feeling stuck in the daily grind without being able to look beyond your problems and set a guiding vision for yourself
  • Overactive third chakra without support from the rest of the chakra system may manifest as fantasies that appear more real than reality, indulgence in psychic fantasies and illusions
  • Not being able to establish a vision for oneself and realize it
  • Rejection of everything spiritual or beyond the usual
  • Not being able to see the greater picture
  • Lack of clarity

To balance these energies you need to understand your body and mind, to bring balance in all your layers of energy, your Pancha Koshas.

The Pancha Koshas (five sheaths) provide us with a roadmap for a better understanding of our psychological & spiritual development. There are namely:

  1. Physical – Annamaya kosha
  2. Energy – Pranamaya kosha
  3. Mental – Manamaya kosha
  4. Wisdom – Vijnanamaya kosha
  5. Bliss – Anandamaya kosha

Beyond is the real Self – Atman

Pancha Kosha sheet

More info about the third eye you can read here:

If you are interested to learn more, and how to reveal your true self, you should constantly learn, practice and make your different experiences in Yoga. Be a Yogi. A first step can be done with our 200 hours YTTC.

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