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As the world starts moving towards holistic livelihood, retreats are a big thing across the world. But if you see in more detail, you will find India featuring prominently in this segment. There are plenty of reasons for that. When it comes to holistic sciences, yoga and Ayurveda seem to be ahead of others. And, India is where everything started from. The allied sciences originated in the Himalayas, which makes it more important. That is the reason why, you will see numerous wellness retreats coming up in recent times.

Some of the holistic activities, which the most prominent retreats and wellness centres boost of are morning yoga, Kundalini awakening, meditation amidst nature, Sattvic diet, and Ayurveda therapies for the body. When you visit such centres, you will immediately be able to disconnect from the clutter in your life. There are tonnes of activities that the retreat organizes for practitioners at different levels. Let us find out, what Shree Hari Yoga School has for you. Now, you can treat yourself to the goodness of holistic therapies in India.

Diverse Activities and Amenities That Make Your Retreat Experience Divine

  • You will be able to go through diverse Vedic scriptures and interpret them according to the guidance provided by the renowned teachers. Subsequently, you can use them in your day-to-day life, as well. There are scriptures that are related to yoga, Pranayama, and meditation, to name a few. The school teaches the participants about the holistic avenues that revolve around such teachings and practices. You can choose a stay for any number of days, according to the package. There are retreats of 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, and 21 days, as well.
  • Most retreat participants get to start a new hobby, which may or may not revolve around yoga. Well! Most people have an idea that retreat means yoga. And, it is rightly so. However, you can be doing numerous activities. Shree Hari Yoga School offers special multi-style yoga classes that can benefit you, both externally to internally. You can expect the yoga asanas to be designed in accordance with the level. There is no compulsion in a retreat yoga class. If you feel tired, you may take some time off and indulge in some other activities, too. The trainers ensure that the participants get complete comfort.
  • Chakra Balancing is another ritual, or rather a healing therapy which you may undergo at the retreats in India. The sessions are extremely transformative. You will have one of the best times of your life at the sessions. It mainly involves singing bowls and aromatherapy massages, which can bring out the best in you. For the unversed, the chakras are energy centres inside the body. They majorly control functions like psychological, physical, and spiritual healing. There are thousands of chakras in the body, but seven are of utmost importance. The experts at Shree Hari Yoga School can help in unblocking the blocked chakras. If you are facing any challenge in life, you should definitely opt for a chakra balancing therapy. Some of the location-specific massages that you can avail yourself of, include leg or foot massage for root chakra, lower back massage for sacral chakra, stomach massage for solar plexus, and so on.
  • Spiritual Meditation is another one of the key activities that you can be a part of at the retreat in India. Countless religions across the globe practice spiritual meditation. Some of you can use it for stress and relaxation, while others use it to clear the mind. Some practice such meditative activities to connect to the cosmic waves. Imagine sitting with a japa mala in hand, and reciting a mantra continuously. Mantras have cosmic vibes that work on various aspects of your life. The remembrance of god is another form of spiritual meditation, which can take you to the highest vibrations. Many of the students have reported entering a trance-like state, while meditating in the beautiful locations. Shree Hari Yoga School conducts retreat activities in several regions including Goa, Gokarna, Rishikesh, and Dharamshala. So, you can choose a location which suits you. Some participants report going through spiritual awakening. It mainly activates the higher consciousness, and increases the soul level awareness.

Why Should You Attend The Retreat At Shree Hari Yoga School?

Now that you are convinced about the deliverables, you may feel confused regarding the selection of retreats. You should identify your personal motivation to attend one in the first place. You may want to unplug or relax. Some of you may want to get more clarity in your life. Consider the topic that the retreat works on, as well. You must also choose the retreat according to your location preference.

Take the journey of self-discovery and healing, combining ancient wisdom. You will find the school offering the best ambience for your rejuvenation. The school has large halls and gardens, where you can practice yoga and meditation. Pranayama or breath works is also an important activity, which you can practice. It opens all the ‘nadis’ inside the body, and makes you more receptive to the energies. The school has specialized services for your stay at the school or ashram. Most days start with the mandatory yoga class, which leads to the meditation and breathing sessions. You get to harness the power of the breath, which is the single-most attribute for all living beings. Nourish yourself with Sattvic meals three times a day. You will also get to indulge in rejuvenating therapies according to your dosha.

Final Words

This blissful journey is one that will transform your life. If you have clutter inside your mind, they will simply dissolve. The school takes utmost care to ensure that the participant get the best treatment, mentally, physically, emotionally as well as spiritually. The classes are organized in a manner which can be termed informal.

Join the retreat classes at the beautiful place, according to your time preferences and let the story of your life unfold.

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