The 12 Main Meridians Overview

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For the unversed, meridians are an important aspect of Daoism or Taoism. And, it also has a very important role to play in Yin Yoga. Different traditions talk about meridians in a different manner. Acupressure points are mentioned in Chinese tradition, whereas, the name Marma points happened to be mentioned in Hindu traditions. In India yogis call the life force, as Prana. The Chinese call it Chi or Qi. However, it is something that is universal, and every organism on earth is governed by it. So, we will delve deep into the subject today and find out all the hidden meanings and secrets to good health.

Meridians Decoded

Just like Prana moves through the nadis, which ate the energy channels of the body, Chi or Qi also moves through the Jing-luo. The network connects and tissues and cells, apparently. You can also find a mention of the word, Meridian, in relation to the above. According to the Daoist system or Taoist system, there are 12 major meridians and 8 minor meridians. The Chinese System of Medicine acupuncture points are mapped on these Meridians.

In Yoga, the chakras are regarded as the main seats of energy, while in Chinese medicine, the or in the Daoist model, the internal organs are supposedly the main seats of energy. Most of the main meridians are named after the internal organs.

The 12 main meridians are as given underneath.

The 12 main meridians are made up of 5 Yin meridians, and they are the heart, spleen, kidneys, lings, and the liver. The 5 Yang meridians are the urinary bladder, gall bladder, small intestines, stomach, and the large intestines. Additionally, there is one Pericardium meridian and one San Jiao meridian. According to Daoist theory, every thing on earth is a mix of the Yin and Yang. Thus, the meridian organs form a pair.

The Yin organs are solid in state and their main function is to store the energies and fluids within them. Whereas, the Yang organs are hollow from within, and their main task is to eliminate fluids and waste material from the body. If your Chi or Qi is not balanced, you will experience a disturbance in the mental emotions.

According to Daoism or Taoism, a person has both physical as well as emotional scars. If you feel excessive anger, then your liver meridian may not be in balance. Likewise, if you are facing emotional upheavals, then you may want to work with the meridians that are connected to the emotions. Here you will get a good understand of the meridians and the work they do.

Meridians In Complete Detail

  • The Heart Meridian – It goes without saying that the heart is the king of all the organs. It is the main blood pumping organ of the body. The heart is also seen as the emotional centre of the mind. If your heart meridian is in imbalance, all the other organs and meridians get affected. The tongue is mainly used to understand if the heart meridian is disturbed. Mental and emotional outbursts occur as a result of imbalance in the heart meridian.
  • The Lung Meridian – The second one in order of importance is the lung meridian. The lungs and heart work in co-ordination with one another. The lungs control the skin’s functions and sweat generation. The lungs are on the front line, when it comes to fighting off diseases. The lungs also connect the mind and body, through breathing. If there is some sort of imbalance in the lungs, then you will suffer from respiratory problems, skin issues and breathing issues.
  • The Stomach Meridian – This is what comes next. The stomach extracts all the energy from food and drinks that you have, and provides the body with energy for activities. It works in close conjunction with the spleen. If there is any sort of imbalance in the stomach, it will cause low energy and a lot of confusion.
  • The Kidney Meridian – It is one of the most important organs in the human body. The organ encompasses the adrenal glands and the sex organs of both the male and female. It provides vital energy to the body. The kidney also works at regulating some of the functions of the brain and plays a huge role in maintaining rationality. If there is any sort of imbalance there, it can lead to loss of immunity and impotency as well. You may also suffer from lower back pain.
  • The Large Intestine Meridian – It makes solid waste material from liquids. Waste matter passes through it, before being eliminated from the body. The large intestine works with the lungs, in balancing fluids. It does so by allowing the lungs to release perspiration through the skin. If there is any sort of imbalance in the large intestine, it can lead to stomach ailments and constipation. You can also face depressive symptoms.
  • The Small Intestine – It is responsible for the intake the food matter, and it also separates the impurities from food matter, and passes it for elimination to the final disposal organs, the kidneys. It works in digestion and also pairs with the heart. Moreover, it also works with the Pituitary glands. Any sort of imbalance leads to stomach pain and restlessness.
  • The Liver Meridian – It is one of the primary organs in Chinese Medicine. The liver is mainly involved in detoxification. It is also in-charge of the peripheral nervous system. If you suffer from hypertension, there may be some sort of imbalance in the liver. You can see the colour of the eyes and nails, to find out if there are issues with it.
  • The Bladder Meridian – It is responsible for the storage of waste matter. Moreover, it also balances the autonomous nervous system. It also regulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses. Any imbalance can lead to lower back pain and menstrual issues.
  • The Gall Bladder Meridian – The gall bladder secretes bile to aid in digestion. Moreover, it also works with the lymphatic system to eliminate lactic acid from the body. If there is any sort of imbalance in the gall bladder, you can suffer from mental issues.
  • The Spleen Meridian – It also includes the pancreas and is also responsible for digestive activities. Many juices are prepared in the spleen and pancreas, that help the body absorb the nutrients from food and drinks. The spleen works with the lungs to generate true human power. It is mainly involved in logical thinking and analytical thinking.
  • The Pericardium Meridian – is the sac that encloses the heart and assists the heart to stay warm. It is one of the main meridians, that is not associated with any organ. It mainly provided emotional, mental, and spiritual protection. Imbalance of any kind can cause problems in the heart, chest, brain, and stomach.
  • The Triple-Warmer – It is the only other main meridian, not associated with an organ. It controls metabolism. It is also involved in digestion and waste elimination. When there is any imbalance in it, then it can lead to problems with the sense organs.

You can now understand the meridian system quite well. This knowledge will help you to make valuable contribution as a Daoist believer.

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