The Three Granthis – Decoding The Mysteries

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The more you find out in yoga, the more complex things seem to be. You will surely never be able to unearth all the secrets, that the ancient holistic science hides in its womb. ‘Granthi’ is one of the terms that you will frequently come across, when you are delving in this esoteric ocean of knowledge. Yoga science can be unnerving and exciting at the same time.

‘Granthi’ is basically an energy knot, which prevents the flow of energy, through the central granthi, which is also called Sushumna nadi. You cannot find it in books related to modern westerns science. However, it is very much there and is also an important part of our aura. When dealing with Kundalini yoga, Kundalini shakti, or awakening, you will come across ‘Prana’. These energy knots or psychic knots that we have mentioned can interfere with the flow of Prana. In order to connect with the higher consciousness, the Prana has to pass through all the chakras, uninhibited and rise outwards from the crown chakra.

However, the granthis, which we are talking about are located at strategic positions in the Muladhara chakra, Anahata chakra, and Ajna chakra, can prevent it from culminating. If the shakti can pierce these knots, the energy is able to rise upward.

More About The Granthis

You can compare these psychic knots, as seats of various complexities of the mind. Moreover, these house unknown fears, fantasies and mental reactions. As an individual, your conscious mind may not even know, that these exist. The knots also create impulses that cause impediments in our daily lives. Your success or failure in life, may also depend on these knots.

You must know in this context, that Kundalini Yoga is also a part of Hatha Yoga. According to Hatha Yoga, kriyas like pranayama, and bandhas can remove the knots. When you lock your energies at singular places through bandhas, you can charge the energy to pierce through the knots. You will also come across many psychic activities, which can pierce through the knots and leave you happy and powerful. Apart from kriyas, as a part of the yoga lifestyle, you should adopt a healthy way of life. Food happens to be one of the most important accompaniments, that can take your practice in the right direction. Sattvic food is best, if you want to unravel the knots.

The Three Granthis Decoded

  • Brahma Granthi – The Brahma Granthi is located in the Muladhara and Svadhishthana chakra. It mainly governs the primal nature of humans and also controls survival strength. If it is afflicted, you may be susceptible to laziness, ignorance, and clutter. It is mainly situated at the base of the spine. If it is blocked, then you may be attached to mundane things in life. Moreover, you will fight with others over trivial issues. In the course of your life, you may develop greed for things that matter less. But you may exaggerate the same unnecessarily. Some people also seem to suffer from shame. Mula bandha and pranayama exercises are the tools, which you can utilize in the yoga class, to unblock the granthi. It will unbind you from unnecessary attachments to mundane things.
  • Vishnu Granthi- It is located between the Manipura chakra and the Anahata chakra. Moreover, it governs love, relationships, and emotional patterns. The tendencies revolve around egoism, passion, and selfishness. You will always fight with people, for your never-ending quest for power. The ego assumes a lot of importance, in the individual, when the Vishnu granthi is blocked. You will be chained to material things above all else, and may be less empathetic to others needs. In the discipline of Hatha Yoga, you can utilize the Uddhiyana bandha or the stomach lock, to unblock the granthis. Once broken, the Kundalini shakti can move towards the Anahata chakra.
  • Rudra Granthi – It is the third granthi, or knot, that you must know about. It mainly governs the intellect, the mind, and your mental waves. It is located between the Vishuddha chakra and the Ajna chakra. It can lead to creativity, more balance and purity. When it is blocked, the opposite happens. The knot is located close to the conjunction site of the Ida, Pingala and the Sushumna nadis. The last stop is the crown chakra or sahasara chakra, that is the final destination of energy. However, the knot stops the energy in its final route. You can pierce the knot, with more self-knowledge. Once you are able to dissolve this final impediment, you can become free from all the mental attachments that bind you and stop you from reaching the universal one. The bandhas can help you to break and unravel the knot; especially Jalandhara bandha. You can also practice some of the mudras as taught in the yoga class, like Khechari mudra and Shambhavi mudra. When you are able to cross this obstacle, your individual body and mind merges with the universe. This is when, external forces stop affecting you.

While you may be thriving, in this new-found knowledge of the granthis, it is important to note that they correspond to three lingams of Shaivism.

Three Lingams Of Shaivism

They are the Swayambhu, Bana, and Itara, which correspond to the three granthis.

  • Swaymabhu Lingam – It is located in the Muladhara Chakra.
  • Bana Lingam – It is located in the Anahata Chakra.
  • Itara Lingam – It is located in the Ajna Chakra.

Just like the chakras, and the granthis, these lingams are also not visible in medial technology. They are also a part of the aura or the astral body. You will find their mention, when you delve into the secrets of the Kundalini.

According to Tantra Yoga, it is believed that granthis play a very important role in guarding the sheaths or auras of the astral body. When the Prana or energy pierces through all the chakras to reach the crown, a lot of upheavals take place. That is the reason, why these granthis may be just guarding the chakras, so that some of the shocks are absorbed at that very same spot.

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