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Gokarna is a small temple town that looks out onto the Arabian Sea and has a long history. The English word “Gokarna” is a cow’s ear, and the town’s name could have two different meanings. It is situated where the rivers Aghanashini and Gangavali meet, creating an ear-shaped intersection.

According to the second explanation, the town is named Gokarna because it is home to a temple honoring Lord Shiva, which is said to have originated from a cow’s ear. This is one of the seven main Hindu pilgrimage sites in India. In addition to pilgrims, tourists seeking a historical vacation in Gokarna’s temples also travel there.

While exploring these historical architectural wonders in Gokarna, you can stay at one of the city’s top beach resorts.


    • Stroll across the beautiful rocky beaches of this charming little town and breathe in the freshness of its laid-back lifestyle:

In contrast, reaching these beaches requires a hike rather than a straightforward walk, making it, unlike any other experience.

One needs to exert a little effort to reach paradise after the journey, where one may take in the breathtaking vistas and relish the delectable sunset.

Wash away all your concerns by going beach hopping; after exploring the town’s vibrant natural beauty, you’ll feel renewed, enchanted, and energized.

    • Getting an adrenaline rush on a banana boat ride:

If you’re looking forward to some of the most daring and heart-pounding activities in Gokarna, hop aboard a banana boat and let the waves drag you along for the ride of your life.

Unquestionably one of the best things to do in the seaside town of Gokarna, this unique experience brings out the child in all of us.

Along with the banana boat trip, Gokarna also offers a wonderful selection of other water sports for those still trying to figure out what to do there.

    • Going on a fantastic food tour of Gokarna eateries might also turn this unusual beach trip into gastronomic heaven for foodies:

Numerous shacks serving Indian food and continental fare are scattered throughout this temple town.

For those who desire the ideal Instagram photos or for their food blogs, in addition to the traditional idli-dosa, one may chow down on other charismatic yet distinctive meals like seafood lasagna, prawn pizza on a banana leaf, and iced Nutella

    • Night stroll along Nirvana Beach:

After dinner, take a refreshing walk down the beach while admiring the starry night sky. Later, gather around a romantic bonfire in the chilly sand to take in the stunning sight of shimmering phytoplanktons.

Seeing a shimmering beach at midnight is an experience of a lifetime.

Red Earth Gokarna Resort is 20 kilometers (one hour and twenty minutes) from Nirvana beach.

    • Shopping spree in a flea market:

Like in Goa, one of the best things to do in the coastal town of Gokarna is to explore the flea markets.

Gokarna has plenty of shopping opportunities, but among all the things to do in Gokarna, purchasing handmade items and souvenirs from the locals is a must.

Numerous shops provide jewelry and home accents created from shells.

Each of these objects stands out for having a personal touch in contrast to the ordinary marketed goods around us in typical metropolises and stifle innovation.

    • Camping on a beach at night:

Camping greatly enhances the Gokarna beaches’ indescribable modern beauty.

Beach camping in Gokarna is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t forget because you wake up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

Have you ever camped beside the sea while stargazing on a beach?

A long weekend visit to Gokarna is highly advised for this experience, which involves lying on the sand and gazing up at the clear night sky.

    • Everyone enjoys gathering shells and other keepsakes to give as gifts to family members back home and to serve as a remembrance of the fun moments they had with their family.

How can one resist gathering mementos when they are young, beautiful, and free? Another enjoyable activity in the magnificent seaside town of Gokarna is to take a stroll while the waves of the ocean lap at your feet, pick some lovely and unusual seashells, and let your creativity run wild.

    • Beautiful Sunset near Kudle Beach:

It is just astonishing and delightful to watch the sunset fade into the horizon of the sea, transforming the sky into a unique and stunning palette of hues.

One of the many things to do in Gokarna is to take pictures of the sun shining on the strangely rocky beaches for those likes and comments on the Instagram page so that you can show your millions of followers the extraordinary beauty of this delightful town!

Experiences like watching the sunset at Kudle Beach in Gokarna are incredibly soothing and satisfying.

Our Gokarna beach resort’s schedule includes a complimentary excursion to Kudle Beach at sunset. You can take advantage of the sun’s final moments of illumination in which the sky transforms into a celestial wonderland

    • Yoga on the beach for health: 

Along with other Gokarna attractions, join the numerous people who practice yoga every morning at Om beach for a revitalizing start to your day.

The health nuts can also sign up for a minimum of seven days at one of the many yoga resorts and leave not just with a suitcase full of memories but also with some priceless knowledge and more flexible muscles.

Ayurveda, yoga and wellness experiences at Red Earth Gokarna Resort are all created with your soul’s relaxation in mind.

You are cared for physically and spiritually at Red Earth Gokarna Resort.

    • Staying locally at a beach cottage and enjoying it:

Stay in one of those serene, airy beach shacks with few amenities to fully experience Gokarna’s distinctive culture.

This is among the best things to do in Gokarna because it enables you to experience nature in its raw beauty.

Even though it lacks the convenience of an air conditioner, who needs one when nature soothes you with its lullaby of cool air and sea breeze?

    • Beach sports participation and competition:

In addition to a Gokarna beach hike, make the most of your free time by participating in the many beach games played on every beach in Gokarna, such as volleyball, badminton, frisbee, and whatever else your creative mind permits!

These tremendously fun adventure sports are made even better by adding the elements of sand, sun, and the crashing noises of the waves.

The players are also undoubtedly energized by the environment, which adds to the game’s interest, enjoyment, and competitiveness.

Numerous beach athletic events occur near the adjacent beaches at our beach resort in Gokarna.

    • Take a relaxing and revitalizing massage:

Among the many things to do in Gokarna, a massage that releases all tensions, lessens the weight of obligations, and restores the trifecta of the mind, body, and soul, is something that cannot be missed.

All those weary travelers who want to unwind and restore themselves at the end of the day can have complimentary massages at our beach resort in Gokarna.

    • Taking a long drive around Gokarna and other towns and suddenly feeling young and content:

One cannot just list a set amount of things to do in Gokarna when one may travel on comfortable roads to nearby towns like Murudeshwar, Yana, and Dandeli to take in the beautiful splendor of Karnataka and breathe in the salty, fresh air of the beach along the charming and incredibly scenic paths.

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