Tittibhasana Stretches The Hamstring, Groin, Back Torso And Improves Hip Flexibility:

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If you want to strengthen your core, try the Firefly pose. Apparently, it may seem to be an arm balance pose. However, you need a lot of core strength to perform this asana. On this asana, termed Tittibhasana, you have to propel both your legs in the forward direction, so that they resemble the antennae of fireflies. However, that is not the only connection, that the pose has with the insect. The main distinguishing feature of such insects is the glow that they emit. So, it is quite evident, that you will also start glowing from within, once you make it a part of his life and practice. However, the posture is very demanding in nature and considered to be an advanced asana.

So, you can only try and gain success in achieving the posture, after you have mastered the basic poses that revolve around strengthening the arms and the core. Lifting your pelvis, while balancing the body weight on your arms, does not come by, that easily. Moreover, the perfect pose is one, in which the legs have to be parallel to the ground. This asana mainly targets the upper body and is a must try, if you are interested in losing fat from the abdomen area, while losing extra flab.

Before you move on to things like the benefits of doing the pose, you have got to understand what it is all about, and also the steps to achieve it.

Tittibhasana Decoded

This is one of those poses, which shows how important sequencing is, in a yoga class. The reason is that you can attain this pose, once you are comfortable with the other poses that are preparatory in nature. Before venturing further, it is important to note, that you have to take care of some of the key elements before you actually attempt the final pose. You ought to have long arms, and that is possible, only with constant practice of arm stretches. Long and flexible wrists allow one to develop more prowess toward the practice of the asana. A stable and active core is also considered one of the prerequisites. If you have strong glutes and adductors, that is an added bonus.

You can do the asana in a few steps, that is listed below.

  • You have to start by standing in standard forward bend position. Your knees have to be slightly bent outwards and your toes should point slightly outwards.
  • In the next stage, you have to take your right hand behind the right calf, in bent forward position, and support the shoulders on or behind the right knee. The right palms have to face the floor, with the fingers pointing in front. The palms will support the pose.
  • You need to repeat the same thing on the other side.
  • After you have taken the aforementioned position, you have to tilt your chest slightly forward, and lift your legs while taking support from the upper arms.
  • Inhale and straighten the legs forward. Your feet may be flexed, or pointing exactly forward.
  • You can hold the pose for a minimum of 15 seconds, or longer, as per your capabilities.
  • Exhale and release the leg from the lifted position and lower it to the floor.

Benefits of The Asana

  • Now, we come to the part, you were waiting for so long. The benefits of the asana are many. The asana helps to strengthen the muscles. Your body weight will be concentrated on the arms and the wrists. The pose will help you to develop endurance, the more you practice it.
  • You will also find your groins strengthening up in the days to come. When you practice the firefly pose, the thigh muscles and groin area undergo a deep stretch. This also leads to the release of the muscle tension, if any in the lower part of the body. Your leg mobility also increases manifold.
  • When you practice the asana on a regular basis, you will be actively involved in the toning of the abdominal muscles. When you hold up your legs straight against gravity, you will be developing your core muscles. Thus, you will be burning all the body fat in the process. Additionally, your abdominal organs also get a massage, which leads to improvement in your digestive function.
  • While you perform the asana, your hamstrings get extended. Along with it, your back and the upper body also experiences a deep stretch. Your inner strength grows substantially.
  • You can also improve upon your body balance, through the practice of the asana. You are lifting your body and balancing it on the wrists mainly. You have to be very mindful, while practicing this pose. You can also gain a sense of overall balance. To bring in the calmness of the mind.

In the long run you will gain from both mental and physical well-being.

Many people also call it the hip opening pose. So, you can treat it as one, too. Your hip muscles get a huge jolt from the practice and become flexible as well.

Now, you know about all the possible benefits of the asana. However, many of you may want to do this asana, with some limitations that already exist inside your body. All is possible, when you have the determination to do so.

Possible Modifications

You can use a few simple props and aids to do the asana, if you are unable to do it without any support.

  • Yoga blocks can help you to a huge extent. Initially, you can place one block each under the heels of your raised legs. In the meanwhile, you can just lift your body from the ground, with your hips raised.
  • Chairs are also of immense value, if you have problems doing it on the floor. Sit on the chair, and insert both your hands between the thighs, palms down. Raise your legs and hold the block in between the feet. Finally, try lifting yourself from the chair, by supporting the body weight on the palms.
  • You can also practice against a wall, with the help of the blocks.

This great hip opener, will be a precursor for your more advanced postures and yoga practices in the future.

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