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There is a lot of hype about exploring many unique yoga styles and practices lately. Yoga poses for two people, also known as Partner yoga is one such joyful practice that you can give a shot along with your friend or loved one.

Partner yoga practice is an excellent means to grow trust, have a more profound relationship with your friend or partner, and simply have fun together. This practice not only strengthens your understanding and relationship, but it lets you attempt poses that you otherwise may not have performed alone. 

You’ll be highly inspiring and motivating each other throughout this fun and joined yoga practice by closely observing the moves of your partner.

Yoga poses for two people can be performed by all levels of yogis and you don’t need to be an expert to get through this. Always remember to listen to your body and never attempt anything that hurts and is beyond your limitations. 

Want to experience something new? Deepen your practice through these yoga poses for two people that are a lot easier than they look.

Twin Tree Pose

twin treepose

Tree pose also known as Vrikshasana can be a difficult posture to balance when performed solo. But Twin tree pose is a yoga pose that involves two people that will give you both some extra support and balance.

To do this:

  • Begin this pose by standing next to each other, looking in the same direction. 
  • Stand a few feet apart, bring the palms of the inner arms together and draw them upwards.
  • Both begin to draw your outer leg by bending the knee and touching the bottom of your foot to the thighs of your inner standing leg. 
  • Balance this pose for five to eight breaths and then release slowly.
  • Repeat the pose by facing the opposite direction.

Boat Pose

twin boat pose

This pose for two people helps you strengthen the core and takes your mind off that burn in your abs. This pose requires confidence, focus, and stability. You may fail a couple of times but you have to keep on trying until you achieve the pose.

To do this:

    • Begin this pose sitting, facing each other with your knees bent and toes touching one another’s.
    • Grab and hold your partner’s wrists.
    • Firmly press the sole of your feet to your partner’s sole and begin to lift them up together.
    • Firmly hold each other’s hand and extend your legs as much as possible keeping your knees closer to your chest.
    •  Make sure you and your partner keep your chests lifted and backs straight while you extend your legs. 
    • Hold the pose for a few breaths and release carefully.

Temple Pose

couple twin temple pose

The temple pose is a peaceful pose for two people that can help free the arms and chest while giving the hamstrings a good stretch. It is simple and easy to perform pose but can be challenging for people with back or neck problems.

To do this:

  • Begin the pose by standing upright and facing each other.
  • Keep your feet wide, inhale while extending your arms and bring them forward until the hands meet.
  • Slowly begin to bend forward till you and your partners’ hands, elbows and forearms rest upon each other.
  • Your body should be bent at a 90° angle with your chest and abdomen parallel to the floor.
  • Balance by resting equal weights onto each other and holding this pose for a series of breaths.
  •  Gradually walk towards each other and bring the torso upright and free each other’s arms.

There are other ways also to perform temple pose.

Seated Partner Twist

seated partner twist

This pose for two people helps in cleansing and detoxifying the body. This is one of the basic and fun poses that you can try with your partner. Twists help stretch the spine and improve digestion. 

  • Begin the pose sitting back-to-back with your legs crossed.
  • Place your right hand on your partner’s left thigh and your left hand on your own right knee. Allow your partner to make the same move. 
  • Inhale while you stretch your spine and twist as you exhale.
  • Hold for a few breaths, untwist and repeat after switching the sides.

Forward fold and Supported Back-bend

forwardfold and supportedbackbend

This partner yoga pose serves two purposes. It allows one partner to achieve a forward fold while supporting the other partner for a back-bend.

  • Begin the pose in a seated position with your backs touching and bring your legs out straight in front.
  • Raise your arms over your head and hold each other’s hands. 
  • One partner bends forward holding the other partner’s hand while the other partner bends backward leaning over the natural curve of the partner bent forward.
  • Hold this pose for some time and then release it. 
  • Switch roles and repeat the pose again. 


While there are a lot of yoga poses for two people to perform but these are the basic ones, to begin with. You will get to learn a lot about your partner and yourself with these partner yoga poses.

You will smoothly and quickly achieve your goals with the support of your partner, both mentally and physically. Also try these 7 yoga poses as these will help you eliminate depression.

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