YTTC Closing Ceremony & importance of a Yoga teacher

Today’s yttc closing ceremony was awesome!

We had such an amazing group of students at today’s YTTC closing ceremony. They will be all such amazing Yoga teachers.

Don’t take our word for it. Look at our pictures of YTTC closing ceremony, Facebook page and video on Youtube. We love our students and our job. We love to make people happy. And we love to give our knowledge and spread the message of yoga. It is such a blessing to teach yoga. And it is also a big responsibility…

What are the roles of a yoga teacher?

A Yoga teacher has several roles to play. He or she leads a group of students through a complete and appropriate sequence of postures, breathing exercises, meditations, and guiding words. One of the primary roles of a yoga teacher is to create a safe and nurturing space for the students. The teacher must demonstrate and guide the students through a series of poses in a clear, understandable way. A yoga instructor will also be able to help his or her students modify the poses, if necessary. She must offer suggestions about using yoga as a therapeutic tool to heal from injury.

To start the class a yoga instructor grounds students in the present and sets the right tone. The practice space should be comfortably warm, clean, and inviting. It may also be a nice touch for the teacher to light a candle or incense and place it on an alter as the class begins. This act alone will shift the energy and imbue the class with a sense of sacredness. Another commencement role is to set the tone for the class, by reading an opening poem or scriptural verse to the students – thereby setting the internal focus and intention of their practice.

Another critical role of an instructor

is to create a yoga training session that is appropriate for the level of her students. It is also very important that the teacher is able to describe, modify, and demonstrate the asanas. This must be done in a way that is understandable and approachable to all the students. Because you may get a new drop-in you must be able to adapt quickly without preparation. If the teacher is somehow handicapped – she cannot demonstrate the pose due to injury or disability – it is important for her to select a head student who can demonstrate asana alignment. Another role that the instructor will play is demonstrating the proper way of practicing pranayama techniques and the most advantageous poses for meditation.

A good teacher will also be able to help each student modify poses. A certified Yoga teacher will have a firm foundation in anatomy and physiology. She will have developed a keen eye for proper alignment in the asana postures. If the instructor spots a student having difficulty getting into a certain pose, she will be able to easily and quickly adjust the student’s alignment, perhaps with the use of props. This will create a feeling of safety and trust in the students. Then they can truly relax and be fully present during the class.

If you participate as a teacher in YTT’s, make sure your school is doing a nice yttc closing ceremony. Your students will leave with a nice last memory.

Definitely, you will see the differences between an experienced, qualified teacher and one who is unqualified or inexperienced. If you wish to teach choose your training carefully. And if you wish to participate in class research your teacher before attending her yoga class. Research your yoga teacher training on google, and check for testimonials and video clips.

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