Yoga Helps You To Manage Stress – But How?

It goes without saying that yoga is a therapeutic modality and not just a fitness-oriented one. Moreover, it was always Omni-present among us. Only, we failed to recognize it. There are so many kriyas that you can perform as a part of yoga, which can cure diseases and also manage them. Of particular importance here is stress, which is the reason behind most illnesses.

You can develop your personal practice, through the regular performance of yoga kriyas. In addition to the physical poses that you see, you can also incorporate breathing, meditation, and similar relaxation practices. If you are more inclined towards deeper yogic knowledge, you can also go for the yoga teacher training courses, which has an in-depth syllabus.

How Yoga Alleviates Stress?

Yoga has the power to encourage mental as well as physical relaxation. This is how it alleviates stress and tension. You will become more flexible in due course of time. Secondly, blood circulation within the body will increase. You will be able to get rid of all kinds of blockages in the process. Your deepest emotions will get a channel to move to out. Moreover yoga can also help in the release of endorphins. So, you will eventually be able to handle stress in a better manner, if you are still stressed. Yoga helps you to think and act in the present. Furthermore, you will develop a lot of awareness. It translates into better decision-making and responses.

You will start understanding, the transitory nature of things. Let go off unnecessary attachments that bind you and restrict the realization of your full potential. You will also learn to become happier and more empathetic.

Avenues To Release Stress   


This is yogic breathing, which has many possibilities. For the unversed, breathing is the basic activity, which all life engages in. Without the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, there will be no life on earth. You must breathe to relax. Moreover, it helps in calming down. You can do breathing exercises, as a part of your yogic practices.

There are various types of breathing, which you can practice in the daily course of your life. Let us find out which ones, you can do.

Alternate Nostril Breathing – It is one of the easiest pranayama practices, which you can engage in. You have to retain the breath for some time, in one such practice. You basically close one nostril, and inhale and exhale with one. Close it, and repeat with the other one. There are two main forms that you can practice.

They are Nadi Shodhana and Anulom Vilom. You can get rid of stress by practicing these under trained experts. For any beginner in yoga, it is absolutely necessary to practice these Pranayama techniques under supervision. After you learn them, you can practice yourself.

Ujjayi Breath – It is another Pranayama, which is also called Ocean’s breath or Victorious breath. You have to make a sound from underneath the throat, while exhaling. The exercise can open up various possibilities for you.

Shitali Pranayama – This is another type of breathing exercise, which you must practice to remain calm and composed. It is very helpful, when you do it in the cold weather.

Yoga Poses or Asanas For Stress Relief

If you happen to join the yoga teacher training, you will be able to learn various poses. You can practice them, when you feel restless. Here are a few of them:

  • Marjaryasana – This is the first pose that we are going to talk about. It is an extremely beneficial asana which can help to alleviate stress. This pose also allows you to connect your breath with your movements. Your breath will be guiding every movement, in this case. You have to start in the table-top position. All the while, you will support yourself on all four limbs. As you inhale, look up at the ceiling, and allow the belly to sink downward. This is the cow pose. As you let out the stale air, you have to tuck the chin within the chest cavity and bend the spine towards the ceiling. This is Cat pose. Continue to alternate between these two poses.
  • Balasana – It is yet another pose, which you can do today. It helps to increase focus and restores vitality. You will also benefit from the pose, in terms of mental and physical relaxation. You need to start in a kneeling position, to get into this pose. Your knees should be together or slightly apart. Sit on the heels. Fold the body forward, while allowing the forehead to rest on the mat. The torso will sink in and will be in touch with the thighs. Extend the arms in front of you and touch the floor. Breathe deeply in this position. You can hold the pose for some time. Then relax. You can feel all the stress flying away.
  • Savasana – This is yet another pose, which is mostly done after a yoga session. It is a relaxation stance. You must know, when to get into this pose, as it has huge effects. Only a great teacher from a yoga school in India, can guide you into it. You simply have to lie down on the floor, with your arms spread. The legs are also a few inches away from each other. The arms are also kept beside the body. Breathe deeply. Stay in this manner for a few minutes. You can feel the tension melt away.

These are a few of the yoga poses that you can practice for stress relief. Apart from asanas and pranayama, you can also practice meditation. Learn about various meditation techniques in the yoga school.

You can release all your negativity through yoga practice. Awareness, acceptance and detachment can create positive thought patterns. You can also include other activities, like walk in nature, to relieve yourself of stress. Eat meals that heal, in consultation with a yoga practitioner. The best life awaits you, if you know how to manage it.

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